JNCASR provides multidisciplinary research and teaching program in pure and applied sciences. The 6 Units offer M.S and Ph.D programmes. Some Units also offer Integrated Ph.D programmes. The normal duration for Ph.D, M.S. and Integrated Ph.D. is 5, 2 years and 7 years respectively. An extension that does not exceed 1½ years for Ph.D/ Int. Ph.D and 6 months for M.S is provided to the students can also complete before the period mentioned above.  

JNCASR follows semester system and admissions are done for the August-December semester and as well as for the January –April semester.


The academic calendar of the Centre is as follows:

Advertisements: Released in all the newspapers and JNCASR web site during February/March during the 3rd/ 4th week for the regular research admissions to the August session. Advtertisement is also released during the last week of October/1st week of November  for the mid year research admissions to the January session. The mid year research admissions are subject to vacancies available in the Units.

 Research admission  interviews: Begin from 1st week of June for August session and during last week of November/1st week of December for the January session.

 Admissions and the commencement of the session- 1st working day of the month of August (for August session) and the first working day of the month of January(for January session).

Commencement of Courses- August 1st week and January 1st week. 

Comprehensive examination: The examination for Ph.D student is conducted within 2 years from the date of registration. For MS student, the examination is held before the completion of 18 months from the date of registration.

Colloquium: After the completion of all the degree requirements ex. course work, comprehensive examination, completion of  theoretical and /or experimental work.

 Synopsis: Synopsis is submitted within the same day/15 days of the date of colloquium.

 Thesis submission: Thesis is submitted within 8 weeks of the submission of synopsis.

 Award of Degree: After the Council approvals.