Other than evolutionary biology, I am interested in Urdu Poetry, Persian poetry and folklore, older English poetry, sufism, philosophy, history (esp. World War II, and medieval Indian and Middle-Eastern history), and music. I am especially fond of traditional Qawwali in Urdu, Persian, Braj Bhasha and Punjabi, as well as hard rock, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen and Kris Kristofferson.

This is a collection of sites that I found interesting and, if you share some of these interests, you may find them worth a visit.

An excellent site on Amir Khusro, poet, musician, administrator, warrior, mathematician and sufi. The inventor of Sitar, Tabla, and the musical genre of Qawwali.

My favourite poet is Allama Iqbal. The official Iqbal site is worth a visit and has rare pictures and a few recordings. Another site has a lot of English translations of his poetry.

Another one of my favourite poets isMirza Ghalib, who was born in Agra, where I was born and grew up. Other great Urdu poets from Agra were Nazir Akbarabadi and Mir Taqi Mir.

If you like urdu poetry but cannot read the script, there are two great sites with anthologies in Roman and Devanagri script.

A complete English translation of the epic "Shahnama" by Firdausi.

A good listing of Sufi related sites.

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