December 4th


Dinner at JNCASR, Jakkur, Faculty/Staff Dining Hall 7:00 - 8:00 PM
Welcome address by M.R.S. Rao, President. JNCASR 8:15 PM
Opening remarks by Seyed E. Hasnain

Director, CDFD, Hyderabad

8:30 PM
 Plenary lecture
8:45 PM

Chair person: K. P. Gopinathan

Speaker: Jerry L. Workman

Title: Protein Complexes That Modify Chromatin.

December 5th

Plenary lecture
9:00 AM

Chair person: Akira Ishihama

Speaker: V. Nagaraja

Title: Insights Into Different Facets Of Regulation Of Gene Expression In Mycobacteria

Tea: 10:00 - 10:15 AM

Eukaryotic Transcription Mechanism

(Each talk for 20 min including discussion)

Chair persons: Seyed E. Hasnain and Dipankar Chatterji

  • Veena K. Parnaik, CCMB, Hyderabad.
Interactions of regulatory factors at the lamin A proximal promoter
  • Parag Sadhale, IISc, Bangalore.
The multiple personalities of the odd couple: RPB4/ RPB
  • Jagmohan Singh, IMTECH, Chandigarh.
Interaction between RNAi and heterochromatin machineries for gene silencing in fission yeast
  • K. P. Gopinathan, IISc, Bangalore.
Expression profiling of the Surface glycoprotein encoding gene gp64 from BmNPV
  • Pramod C. Rath, JNU, New Delhi.
Analysis of the Interferon Regulatory Factor-1 (IRF-1) Transcription Factor
  • Subhra Chakraborty, NCPGR,New Delhi.
Transcript profiling of genes involved in plant-pathogen interaction
  •  Anuranjan Anand, JNCASR, Bangalore.
 Sexual orientation and courtship in Drosophila: Some affairs begin at the transcriptional level.
  • Sudip Chattopadhyay, JNU, New Delhi.
Light mediated regulation of Z-box containing promoters in Arabidopsis thaliana

Lunch: 1:00 PM -2:00 PM

Chromatin & Transcription
(Each talk for 20 min including discussion)

Chair person: Jerry L. Workman

  • Rakesh Mishra, CCMB, Hyderabad.
Conservation of genomic organization, chromatin structure and regulation of hox gene complexes
  • Purnima Bhargava, CCMB, Hyderabad.
Nucleosome Positioning And Transcriptional Activation
  •  Madan M. Chaturvedi, BHU, Varanasi.
 Irreversible Modification of Histones Tails: Identification and Characterization of a Novel Histone H3 N-terminal Specific Protease
  • Utpal Bhadra, CCMB, Hyderabad.
ARGONAUTE 1 controls heterochromatin silencing by reducing histone H3 lysine 9 methylation and repeat induced long siRNA in Drosophila.
  • Swaminathan. V, JNCASR, Bangalore.
Nucleophosmin/B23: Histone Chaperone in the Regulation of Chromatin Transcription
  • Sneha Ramesh, IISc, Bangalore
Structural Features of Testis Specific Histone H1t - A Comparative Study with its Somatic Counterparts

Tea: 4:00- 4:15 PM

Transcription and Disease
(Each talk for 20 min including discussion)

Chair person: M.R.S. Rao

  • Ghanshyam Swarup, CCMB, Hyderabad.
Mechanism Of Induction Of Apoptosis By Tumor Suppressor p53: Some New Insights
  • Bharathi P. Salimath, University of Mysore, Mysore.
Regulation Of VEGF Gene Expression By PDGF, p73 And Butyric Acid: Role In Tumor Angiogenesis
  • Kumaravel Somasundaram, IISc, Bangalore
Mechanism of growth inhibition by Activator Protein 2 alpha  (AP-2alpha)
  • Uttam Pati, JNU, New Delhi
The differential loss of function and the heterogeneity of transcriptional activity of oral tumour derived p53 mutants.

Banquet Dinner: 7:30 PM

December 6th

Plenary lecture
9: 00 AM
Chair person: Dipankar Chatterji

Speaker: Akira Ishihama, NIBS, Japan

Title: Control of Genome Expression during Differentiation of Escherichia coli

Tea: 10:00 - 10:15 AM

Transcription Regulation in Prokaryotes
(Each talk for 20 min including discussion)

Chair person: Veena K. Parnaik

  • Siddhartha Roy, Bose Institute, Kolkata
Sigma32 is a Thermosensor in the Heat-shock Regulatory Circuit
  • Dipankar Chatterji, IISc, Bangalore.
Omega Subunit Of RNA Polymerase-A Small Screw In Enzyme Assembly
  • Dipak Dasgupta, SINP, Kolkata
A fluorimetric assay to examine the conformational changes of E. coliRNA polymerase during transcription initiation
  • J. Gowrishankar, CDFD, Hyderabad.
Evidence for a novel arginine exporter in Escherichia coli whose transcription in vivo is controlled by a LysR-type transcriptional regulator
  • M. H. Munavar, MKU, Madurai.
Search for the locus defined by the new fit mutation, namely, fitC4 in Escherichia coli: Evidence that fitC4 might be a duplicated copy of pheS4 allele.
  • Vijaya Gopal, CCMB, Hyderabad.
Cationic Lipids/Ligands Induce Helix Denaturation and Alter Transcriptional Activity

Lunch: 12:30 - 1:30 PM

Transcription Regulation in Virus
(Each talk for 20 min including discussion)

Chair persons: J. Gowrishankar and Dipak Dasgupta

  • Sanjeev Galandae, NCCS, Pune.
Displacement of SATB1-bound HDAC1 corepressor by HIV-1 transactivator induces expression of Interleukin-2 and its receptor in T cells
  • Samit Chattopdhyay, NCCS, Pune.
MARs and MAR Binding Proteins in HIV Transcription and Tumorigenesis
  • Debashis Mitra, NCCS, Pune.
HIV-1 Tat protein is also a DNA binding transcriptional activator
  • Seyed E. Hasnain, CDFD, Hyderabad.
Host-pathogen interactions are critical for virus survival, replication and eventual dissemination
  • M. S. Shaila, IISc, Bangalore
Role of GDNG motif in the RNA polymerase protein L of Rinderpest virus in Transcription and Replication
  • Ayae Honda, NIBS, Japan
Structure-Function Relationship of the Influenza Virus RNA-dependent RNA Polymerase

Tea: 3:30- 3:45 PM

  • Ranga Uday Kumar, JNCASR, Bangalore
A non-transactivation function of a HIV transcription factor modulating viral pathogenesis.
  • Pradeep Parrack, Bose Institute, Kolkata
Stability mediated Control of Transcription by lambda CII: Structural Insights and Functional Implications

Regulation of Gene Expression beyond Transcription
(Each talk for 20 min including discussion)

Chairperson: Siddhartha Roy

  • Umesh Varshney, IISc, Bangalore
Role of ssrA in rescuing stalled ribosomes and recycling tRNA
  • Saumitra Das, IISc, Bangalore
Role of RNA-protein interactions in ribosome assembly during internal initiation.
  • B. J. Rao, TIFR, Mumbai.
 Translin protein: a sensor of DNA ends?

Concluding remarks: Dipankar Chaterji

Vote of Thanks: Tapas K. Kundu

High Tea