Workshops and Schools

The Centre for Computational Materials Science at JNCASR is happy to announce the launching of a programme of scientific schools and workshops, for the next 5 years (starting from April, 2006).

The centre invites applications from individual scientists or groups of scientists in India, who would like to organize scientific schools and workshops at the Jakkur Campus, Bangalore. The activities should be research oriented, and fall within the broad area of computational materials science. The duration should be between one week and one month, depending on the planned programme. "Workshops" are expected to have a duration of one to two weeks, while "schools" will run for two weeks to a month.

We will give the highest priority to those topics with are at the current research frontier and/or interdisciplinary, and require large-scale computational approaches. As examples of sample topics, we suggest a "Workshop on Computational methods to study oxide materials", "Car-Parrinello molecular dynamics tutorials", "Density functional methods for all length scales", "Quantum Monte Carlo methods for non-frustrated systems", "Recent advances in Monte Carlo methods for free energy and phase equilibrium calculations", "Hybrid Atomistic Methods for Materials and Biological Systems", and "Multiscale modeling of soft and biological matter". The organizers are expected to be scientists who are active in, and have contributed to, the field of the proposed activity.

The activity can consist of a combination of invited lectures, research talks, hands-on computer tutorials and informal discussions. As an example of an activity sponsored by us, you can refer to the "Summer School on Electronic Structure Methods and Applications and Workshop on Computational Materials Theory" (see www.jncasr.ac.in/smr1783).

The number of participants is expected to be between 30 and 80. The target audience should be students and young researchers working in India. Participants will be strongly urged to be present for the entire period of the activity, and to develop scientific collaborations within the community.

Proposals should be submitted at least six months before the date proposed for the start of the activity, and should include the following points:

For further information and submission of proposals, please contact
Prof. Swapan K Pati
School and Workshop Organizer,
Centre for Computational Materials Science
JNCASR, Bangalore 560 064, India
Tel: 080-22082839
Fax: 080-22082766
E-mail: Prof. Swapan K Pati