Reaching Jawahar (IISc Campus)

JAWAHAR Visitors House of JN Centre,
Gymkhana Campus of Indian Institute of Science,
Bangalore 560 012.
Phone: (080) 22932499, 23366628

The main railway station in Bangalore is called ``Bangalore City''. The railway station and the main bus stand are opposite to each other. Pre-paid autorickshaw facility is available at the Bangalore City Railway Station. You could tell the counterperson that you are travelling to Indian Institute of Science (locally called Tata Institute). A trip to Jawahar may cost about Rs. 65. Travel by autorickshaws between 10:00 p.m. and 06:00 a.m. will cost 50% more.

From the Railway station, come through Malleswaram Circle, and Malleswaram 18th Cross. Come to the IISc Circle, and take the road leading to Yeshwanthpur. On this road, take a left into the IISc Gymkhana campus. Once inside, take the road on your right, which will lead you to the beautiful(!) Jawahar Visitor's house.

From Yeswantpur Railway Station: These days, quite a number of trains end in the Yeshwantpur Railway Station (YPR), Bangalore. From this station, Jawahar Visitor's House is very closeby. One can walk to this House in about 10 minutes. An autorickshaw ride would take about 5 minutes and could cost Rs. 12/- (minimum charge).

Route to IISc Campus

iisc campus map

Jawahar Visitors House