Oct 29 to Nov 3, 2007

School on "Numerical Quantum Many-body Methods in Physics and Chemistry"

This strongly interdisciplinary School aims at bridging the gaps between physics and chemistry related problems which require consideration of strong electronic correlations. Particular focus will be on numerical methods which are tailored to treat large quantum systems with strong electron electron interactions, ranging from High-Tc physics to Chemical reactions.

Nov 6 to Nov 16, 2007

School on "Biomolecular Simulations"

The scope of the school is to introduce methods and tools in setting up molecular simulations in context of biomolecules. Using molecular dynamics methodology as the central concept, the school aims at providing a systematic way to setup the systems, simulating them, analysis techniques to extract and visually represent some of the interesting properties of biological systems.

January 2007

School on "Understanding Molecular Simulations"

This course is aimed to give an introduction in the basic molecular simulation techniques: molecular dynamics and Monte Carlo. The idea is to give an understanding of principles underlying these techniques and to use this understanding to optimize a simulation code.

January 2007

Conference on "Nucleation, Aggregation and Growth"

The theme of the conference will be the understanding of nucleation phenomena, from the state of the art in conceptual understanding to applications of theoretical and computational techniques to a diverse range of physical, chemical and biological systems.

February 2007

Symposium on Trends in Computational Materials Science