Post-doctoral Positions
in the
Centre for Computational Materials Science (CCMS)
J Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research
Bangalore 560064 INDIA

We invite applications for post-doctoral positions that involve research in computational materials science including studies of liquids, soft matter, solid state, molecular systems and nano materials. A candidate can choose to pursue research in these positions as an independent researcher as well as through interaction with members of the CCMS. We encourage candidates intending to work on challenging computational problems to apply, as they will have access to a multi-teraflop parallel computer.

These positions are open to candidates holding a PhD degree in Physics, Chemistry, Materials, Biology, Engineering or any related field. Appointments will be made with a term of one year and will be renewable for a period up to three years. Salaries for these positions, as attractive as possible within the guidelines of the department of science and technology, government of India, will be decided based on experience of a candidate.

Information about CCMS and its members is available at


Interested applicants are requested to have their CV, statement of research (particularly for those who want to apply for independent researcher positions), two or more letters of recommendation and any other related information sent to

Prof. Umesh Waghmare


CCMS Postdoctoral positions
Attn: Prof. Umesh V. Waghmare
Jakkur, Bangalore 560 064 INDIA