Visiting Scientist and Student Programme

The Centre for Computational Materials Science (CCMS) at JNCASR is happy to announce the launching of a visiting scientist and student programme, for the next 5 years (starting from April, 2006). The programme aims to promote scientific interaction among scientists and students with research interests broadly overlapping with the activities of the Centre for Computational Materials Science and members of CCMS.

Scientists working in academic and research institutions, and students pursuing a Ph D degree in India, who would like to visit the Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research, Jakkur Campus, Bangalore are requested to contact the programme coordinator (see below) with the following information:

The proposed duration of the visits should be a minimum of 3 days (though we strongly encourage short visits to be at least 2 weeks long) and a maximum of 3 months. Travel and honoraria for visiting scientists will be supported by the programme, in accordance with JNCASR and DST norms. Visiting students will be provided support for train travel and a stipend. Additional support, on a discretionary basis, is possible in special cases.

Scientists visiting under this programme are strongly encouraged to plan and offer one or more mini-courses on a subject of their expertise. The details can be worked out in consultation with the coordinator of the visitor programme. All visitors are encouraged to give seminars on their ongoing research activities during the visit.

Requests for visits will be reviewed periodically all round the year.

All correspondence regarding the visitors programme should be addressed to:
Prof. S. Balasubramanian
Centre for Computational Materials Science
JNCASR, Bangalore 560 064, India
Tel: 080-22082899
Fax: 080-22082906
E-mail: ccms-visitors@jncasr.ac.in