New Highlights
  • Ubuntu 14.04 has been released. Click below to Download the sameLINK

  • Fedora 20 with updated Repos has been release. Click below to DownloadLINK



Complab has enforced new policies by which it will respond back to user queries. Click here for durther details.




Firefox 18.0.1, K-lite multi codec pack 10.6, adobe flash player 11, have been released. Click here to download the same.


CompLab, is implementing changes in its Mail Server. This is to overcome the slow response of our current Mail Server. Keep an eye this space for updates

Automated Scripts for Installation of Ifort on linux machines have been developed from our side. Refer to the Softwares menu for details.


We welcome any feedbacks on improving the CompLab facilities. You can contact us by sending us an E-Mail at the address

Welcome to CompLab's Home Page !


CompLab is responsible for the establishment and maintenance of computer and network facilities and management of storage and flow of information on them at JNCASR. CompLab currently provides a total of about 2 TFlops of computing power with both shared (with memory up to 16 GB) and distributed memory machines (with memory upto 40 GB). It hosts email, web, proxy and gateway servers of the centre. It provides infrastructure support for both windows and Linux based machines used by users from diverse backgrounds (Biology, Chemistry and Engineering Physics). In addition to ensuring uninterrupted local area network connectivity within the centre achieved at 1 Gbps from NKN with OFC network backbone and a manageable chasis switch, complab manages the centre's gateway to the public internet. The centre is connected to the internet via 170Mbps + 80Mbps leased line and RF link from Aircel, respectively


Chairman : Dr. Santosh Ansumali

Current Members                                                                                Timings

Udhaya kumar - Consultant                                                                        9AM-5:30PM

Vikas Mohan Bajpai - Onsite Engineer                                                9AM-5:30PM

Rajeev Ranjan - Onsite Engineer                                                         9AM-5:30PM

Sudheer.C - Onsite Engineer                                                                  9AM-5:30PM


Contact Numbers

Ph : 080-22082779, 080-22082780

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