New Highlights
  • Ubuntu 14.04 has been released. Click below to Download the sameLINK

  • Fedora 20 with updated Repos has been release. Click below to DownloadLINK



Complab has enforced new policies by which it will respond back to user queries. Click here for durther details.




Firefox 18.0.1, K-lite multi codec pack 10.6, adobe flash player 11, have been released. Click here to download the same.


CompLab, is implementing changes in its Mail Server. This is to overcome the slow response of our current Mail Server. Keep an eye this space for updates

Automated Scripts for Installation of Ifort on linux machines have been developed from our side. Refer to the Softwares menu for details.


We welcome any feedbacks on improving the CompLab facilities. You can contact us by sending us an E-Mail at the address

WiFi Information For Hostel Building

        From May 2010 we are providing high speed WireLess network connection with 802.11 b/g/n Wireless Access Points at our Hostel. We are covering three Hostel Buldings which include “Old Bulding”, “New Building” and “Visitors Hostel” with 25 Access Points (802.11 b/g/n), one
3-Gigabit manageable switch and one centralized WiFi controller. All three Gigabit switches are   connected with FC (Fiber Channel) cable for high speed data transfer. Each Access Point is capable of giving 250 Mbps to 500 Mbps network connectivity with b/g/n.

            Hostel WiFi is fully configured with High-End security modules.

Server Authentication:

Users/Clients (Laptops) will be authenticated via our centralized CompLab AD (Active Directory) Server which is located in CompLab Server Room.


Hardware Authentication:    

Clients (Laptops) will also be authenticated with MAC address. The MAC-ID authentication will prevent misuse of WiFi facility. Each JNC user's laptop MAC-ID will be configured in our Active Directory Server and  therefore if client's MAC-ID does not match appropriate user, the client will not be able to connect. If any JNC user shares his/her password with any visitor, our centralized WiFi controller (located at CompLab) will not authenticate visitor's laptop and will deny connection.


Network Timing at Hostel WiFi:

Hostel WiFi facility will remain functional between 19:00 hrs(evening) to 08:00 hrs(morning). On Sundays the wifi facility is available the whole day.

How to Configure your Laptop:

Windows (Vista, Windows, XP):

            To download pdf file for Windows Vista / Windows 7click here.

            To download pdf file for Windows XP click here.



            To download pdf file for Linux click here.



            To download pdf file for Mac click here.

For the further information or troubleshooting issues, please contact “Complab” or mail to


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