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Type Title Conveners Period Venue Contact Registration
Conference 3rd JNC Research Conference
on Chemistry of Materials
Dr. M.Eswaramoorthy
( JNCASR, Bangalore, India)
Dr. George Thomas
(RRL, Trivandrum)
28th September 2007 -
1st October 2007
Munnar, Kerala
Winter School ICMR - ICMS Winter School on Chemistry and Physics of Materials Dr.A.Sundaresan
(JNCAR, Bangalore, India)
Prof.Swapan K Pati
(JNCAR, Bangalore, India)
6th December 2007 -
13th December 2007
JNCASR, Bangalore
Workshop India - NIMS Workshop on Advanced Materials Dr. A.Sundaresan
(JNCAR, Bangalore, India)
Dr. Akihiko Nukui
(NIMS, Japan)
17th December 2007 -
18th December 2007
JNCASR, Bangalore

ICMS-ICMR Winter School on New Carbon Materials and Functional Oxides

S. K. Pati

A. Sundaresan

8th December 2008 -
13th December 2008
Conference Hall, JNCASR
International Conference Molecules and Materials: New Directions

G. U. Kulkarni

S. K. Pati

A. Sundaresan

4th December 2008 -
6th December 2008
Conference Hall, JNCASR
Sympossium CPMU Unit Day 2008 Prof. Chandrabhas Narayana -
14th August 2008
Conference Hall, JNCASR, Jakkur P.O.
Conference 4th JNCASR Research Conference on Chemistry of Materials in Collaboration with RRL, Trivandrum and FCBS Trivandrum Dr. George Thomas & Dr. M. Eswaramoorthy 27th September 2008 -
29th September 2008
Lake Palace, Alleppey, Kerala

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Young Scientists of Asia Conclave

TWAS-ROCASA 15th January 2009 -
17th January 2009


Young Scientists Asia Conclave

TWAS Regional Office for Central & South Asia

Meeting Indo-UK Excitonic Solar Cell Meeting 9th January 2012 -
11th January 2012
AMRL Conference Hall, JNCASR

Prof K.S.Narayan


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