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        Instructions to Student speakers
  1. All students to give one seminar (either General or Paper) each year, starting with a general seminar.
    The integrated Ph. D students to give an additional general seminar as part of the M.S course.
  2. You are required to attend all CPMU seminars. ( -;) occupying the front rows)
  3. The title should be communicated to the convenor at least one week in advance.
  4. Students to decide the topic/paper  in consultaion with their research supervisor.
  5. An abstract of the seminar, of length 6 lines, alongwith 3 to 4 references, should be communicated to the convenor at least one week before the seminar date. Please use this form to send the abstract.
  6. You are welcome to make use of the Infocus Projector in addition to the OHP and Slide projector.
  7. The talk will be followed by a question answer session lasting upto 15 mins.
    Instructions specific to General Seminar

  1. The duration of seminar : 45 minutes.
  2. It should not be on one's own research topic.
  3. Initial 3 minutes : Theme of the talk
  4. Next 5 minutes : textbook level introduction
  5. Next 5 minutes : introduction to the seminar topic
  6. Next 22 minutes : Presentation of the topic with reference to literature
  7. Last 10 minutes : Your imagination and future direction

        Instructions specific to Paper Seminar

    • It should preferably be on a research paper published within the last 6 months.
    • The duration of the seminar : 30 minutes.
    • Begin with highlights from the paper (3 mins)
    • Next 10 minutes : beginner level introduction of the work.
    • Rest of the time : thorough analysis of the paper, discussion on related literature  your views on the results, significance of the work. 

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