Research Seminars

Speaker Affiliation Date Time Venue Title Abstract
Prof. Luca Peliti SMRI, Italy   8th December 17 2 : 15 pm Kanada Auditorium On the value of information in gambling, evolution and thermodynamics.  
Dr. Sitikantha Roy, Post Doctoral Fellow Biomedical Engineering Department, Johns Hopkins University   30th April 11 11 : 00 am Lecture Hall, Main Building Mechanobiology : An Evolving Science at the Interface Dr_ Sitikantha Roy.htm  
Lalit Kumar  Hindustan Lever Research Centre, India   24th March 10 4 : 00 pm EMU Seminar Hall Energy efficient particle removal from surface and the mechanism of it's deposition on surfaces lalit.html  
Dr. Kartik V Storage Technologies Group, Zurich Research Lab, Switzerland   20th August 09 11 : 00 am Seminar Hall II Micro-Scale Dynamics of Precision Actuators Coupled with High-Speed Continuous Structures kartik.html  
Dr. Manish Arora Institute for Biomedical Engineering, Oxford University   2nd September 08 11 : 00 am Lecture Hall, Main Building Understanding and Controling Cavitation in Biomedical Applications manish.html  
John Gibson School of Physics and Center for Nonlinear Sciencec, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA   21st April 08 4 : 00 pm Lecture Hall, Main Building Invariant solutions and visualization of state-space dynamics in plane Couette flow gibson.html  
Vagesh D. Narasimhamurthy Norwegian University of Science and Technology   4th January 08 11 : 00 am Lecture Hall, Main Building Cellular vortex shedding in the wake of a tapered cylinder vagesh.html  
Prof Mike Gaster Queen Mary and Westfield college   4th January 08 4 : 00 pm Lecture Hall, Main Building Recent developments on the active control of laminar boundary layer instabilities gaster.html  
Julien Favier University of Genova, Italy   30th November 07 11 : 00 am Lecture Hall, Main Building Ciliated walls: propulsion and flow control julian.html  
Prof. Stephan R. Kabelac Helmut Schmidt Universitat , Hamburg, Germany   23rd August 07 4 : 00 pm Lecture Hall, Main Building Heat Transfer with Nanofluids kabelac.html  
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