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Type of presentation Speaker Affiliation Date Time Venue Title Abstract
colloquium   Dr. Harish N. Dixit   Department of Mathematics University of British Colombia  10th April 13   4 : 00 pm   Lecture Hall, Main Building   The elastic and elastocapillary Landau-Levich problem   Dr_ Harish Dixit.htm  
colloquium   Dr. Rajaram Lakkaraju   University of Twente, Netherlands  26th March 13   4 : 15 pm   Lecture Hall, Main Building   Boiling Turbulent Convection   Dr_ Rajaram Lakkaraju.htm  
colloquium   Dr. Prasanna Swaminathan   Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT-Madras  20th February 13   2 : 30 pm   Lecture Hall, Main Building   Convection induced by radiative cooling in a layer of participating gas   Dr_ Prasanna Swaminathan.htm  
colloquium   Dr. Siddhartha Das   Banting Postdoctoral Fellow, Micro and Nanoscale Transport Laboratory, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Alberta i   30th January 13   3 : 30 pm   Lecture Hall, Main Building   Fluidics at Micro-Nanoscales: Soft Capillarity, Superoleophobicity, Bio-¬Electrohydrodynamics   Dr_ Siddhartha Das.htm  
colloquium   Dr. Vijayakumar Chikkadi   Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel  18th January 13   2 : 30 pm   Lecture Hall, Main Building   Fluctuation and plasticity in foam-flow near jamming   Dr_ Vijayakumar K_ Chikkadi.htm  
colloquium   Dr. Shravan Hanasoge   Department of Geosciences , Princeton University, Princeton, NJ 08544, USA  8th January 13   4 : 00 pm   Lecture Hall, Main Building   Seismic imaging of the power spectrum of turbulent convection in the solar interior   Dr_ Shravan Hanasoge.htm  
colloquium   Dr. Anamika Prasad   IIT-Patna, Assistant Professor (Adjunct)  6th November 12   11 : 00 am   Lecture Hall, Main Building   Computational-based Engineering and Vascular Devices and Disease   Dr_ Anamika Prasad.htm  
colloquium   Dr. Ronojoy Adhikari   The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai  10th September 12   4 : 00 pm   Lecture Hall, Main Building   Non-local Stokesian hydrodynamics of active filaments   Dr_Ronojoy Adhikari.htm  
colloquium   Dr.Sathesh Mariappan   Department of Aerospace Engineering Indian Institute of Technology Madras  23rd May 12   4 : 00 pm   Lecture Hall, Main Building   Non-normal and Nonlinear Instabilities in Thermoacoustic Interactions   Dr_Sathesh Mariappan.htm  
colloquium   Dr. Priya Subramanian   Dept. of Aerospace Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras  21st March 12   4 : 00 pm   Lecture Hall, Main Building   Dynamical systems approach to the investigation of thermoacoustic instabilities   Dr_Priya Subramanian.htm  
colloquium   Dr.Bishakhdatta Gayen   Dept. of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering University of California at San Diego La Jolla, CA 92093, USA  15th March 12   11 : 00 am   Lecture Hall, Main Building   Nonlinear Dynamics and Turbulence during Internal Tide Generation at Near-Critical Slope   Dr_Bishakhdatta Gayen.htm  
colloquium   Prof. Chantal Staquet   LEGI (Laboratory of Geophysical and Industrial Fluid Flows), Grenoble, France  14th February 12   11 : 00 am   Lecture Hall, Main Building   Generation of solitary waves in an oceanic thermocline by internal gravity waves   Prof_ Chantal Staquet.htm  
colloquium   Prof. Eric Clement   Institute of Fluids Mechanics - Toulouse, France, IMFT Deputy Director and Head of the Master program on Fluids Engineering for Industrial Processes  9th February 12   2 : 30 pm   Lecture Hall, Main Building   Flows of microparticles : experiments, numerical simulations >> on microchannel blocking, magnetic particles and >> turbulent flows seeded with plankton.   Prof_ Eric Clement.htm  
colloquium   Prof. Michael D. Graham   Dept. of Chemical and Biological Engineering Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison  24th January 12   11 : 00 am   Lecture Hall, Main Building   Drag reduction and the nonlinear dynamics of Newtonian and viscoelastic turbulence   Prof. Michael D_ Graham.htm  
colloquium   Prof. Mahesh V. Panchagnula   Department of Applied Mechanics, IIT Madras   24th January 12   4 : 00 pm   Lecture Hall, Main Building   Some insights into wetting hysteresis - experiments and modeling   Prof_Mahesh V_ Panchagnula.htm  
colloquium   Prof. Dan Henningson   FLOW, KTH Mechanics, Stockholm, Sweden   17th January 12   4 : 00 pm   Lecture Hall, Main Building   Optimal Path to Turbulence in Shear Flows   Prof_ Dan Henningson.htm  
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