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Type of presentation Speaker Affiliation Date Time Venue Title Abstract
Thesis Defence   Muzafar Beigh   MS(by research) student   1st December 10   11 : 00 am   Lecture Hall, Main Building   Circadian Rhythms of Five Wild Caught Species of Drosophila    
colloquium   Shahnaz Rahman Lone   Ph.D. Student   30th November 10   2 : 30 pm   Seminar Hall IV   Role of social interactions in modulating circadian clocks in Camponotus ants and Drosophila melanogaster    
research seminars   Raúl Godoy-Herrera   Department of Cellular Biology and Genetics, University of Chile, Santiago, Chile   28th July 10   2 : 30 pm   Lecture Hall, Main Building   To be announced    
Thesis Defense   Shampa Ghosh   EOBU, Ph.D. Student   20th July 09   11 : 00 am   Lecture Hall, Main Building   Evolution of life-history traits, canalization and reproductive isolation in laboratory populations of Drosophila melanogaster selected for faster pre-adult   development  and early reproduction    
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