No Name Thesis Title Degree Year
1 Jithesh K. Study of the role of superstructural phases and interfacial properties on the growth of InN films Ph.D 2012
2 Manoj Kesaria Study of the formation of defect controlled Gallium Nitride films and nanostructures by Molecular Beam Epitaxy Ph.D 2012
3 Prakash Kanoo Investigations of Structure-Property Relationships in Functional Metal-Organic Frameworks Ph.D 2012
4 Pranab Mandal Multiferroic Properties and Magnetization Reversal in Perovskite Oxides Ph.D 2012
5 B Radha Synthesis and direct patterning of functional nanostructures on flat and flexible substrates towards device fabrication Ph.D 2012
6 Subrahmanyam K.S. Graphene: Synthesis, Characterization, Properties and Chemical Modification Ph.D 2012
7 Vandana Kabila Alumni 2012
8 Katla Sai Krishna Nanoarchitecture: Morphogenesis and Applications of Nanostructured Materials Ph.D 2011
9 Monojit Bag Investigations of the Synthesis, Growth, Assembly and Properties of Inorganic and Carbon Nanostructures Ph.D 2011
10 Soumya Saswati Sarangi Molecular Dynamics Simulation Studies on the Structure, Dynamics, and Interfacial Properties of Room Temperature Ionic Liquids Ph.D 2011
11 Srinivas Raju G Computer Simulation Studies of Intermolecular Structure, Microheterogeneity and Dynamics in Room Temperature Ionic Liquids Ph.D 2011
12 Abhay Kumar Tiwari Transient and Steady State Lateral Charge Transport in Polymeric Semiconductors M.S. 2010
13 Arun N

Studies of Photoelectric Signals & Molecular Features of Bacteriorhodopsin and Electric-Field Induced Patterns on Polymer Surfaces

Ph.D 2010
14 Bivas Saha Theoretical modelling of nano-structured (Hf,Zr)N/(Sc,Y)N metal/semiconductor superlattices for thermoelectric energy conversion
M.S. 2010
15 Gopal Krushna Pradhan Inelastic Light Scattering Investigations on Novel Materials Ph.D 2010
16 Manohar Rao N V Polymer field effect transistor as a probe to study injection barriers and  donor-acceptor interface Ph.D 2010
17 Bhuvana T. Investigations of metal organic precursors as direct write electron beam resists and their nanopatterning for functional devices Ph.D 2009
18 Dhritiman Gupta Studies of Polymer based Solar Cells and Performance Limiting Factors
Ph.D 2009
19 Kalyanikutty K.P

Chemical Investigations of Inorganic Nanostructures

Ph.D 2009
20 Reji Thomas Structural, Spectroscopic and Charge Density Investigations of Organic Molecular Crystals Ph.D 2009
21 T. Vijay Kumar Conducting AFM based Lithography for Patterning and Electrical Characterization of Nanomaterials Ph.D 2009
22 A. Thirumurugan Investigations of Hybrid Inorganic-Organic Network Solids Ph.D 2008
23 Bhargava B L Room Temperature Ionic Liquids: Classical and Ab initio Molecular Dynamics Simulation Studies
Ph.D 2008
24 Chandra Sekhar Rout

Gas Sensing and Electrical Properties of Metal Oxide Nanostructures

Ph.D 2008
25 G.V. Pavan Kumar Utilization of Surface enhanced Raman Scattering in biomolecular detection and characterization Ph.D 2008
26 Kavitha.G High Pressure Raman Scattering studies on Mid-chain Hydrocarbons, Perfluorocarbons and Temperature dependent Brillouin Scattering studies on ABO4 Tungstates and AgGas2 Ph.D 2008
27 Moumita Saharay Computer Simulation Studies on Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Ph.D 2008
28 Shrinwantu Pal Theoretical Investigations on Cooperative Phenomena in a few Molecular and Macromolecular Systems M.S. 2008
29 Ayan Datta Theoretical investigations of optical polarizations in chromophoric aggregates and nonlocal charge distributions in clusters Ph.D 2007
30 Dinesh Kabra Studies of Length Scales in Semiconducting Polymers Using Scanning Photocurrent Contrast Microscopy Ph.D 2007
31 Neena Susan John Investigations of Metal and Metal-Organic Bilayer Nanostructures Employing Atomic Force Microscopy and Related Techniques Ph.D 2007
32 Soumya Dutta Polymer Field-effect Transistors: Electrical Transport Properties and Studies of Photoinduced Charge Generation and relaxation Processes
Ph.D 2007
33 Asish K Kundu Electronic phase separation and related aspects of rare earth manganates and cobaltates of the type, Ln1-xAxMO3 (Ln= trivalent rare earth, A = divalent alkaline earth and M = Mn or Co) Ph.D 2006
34 F Leonard Deepak Investigations of Inorganic Nanowires, Carbon Nanotubes and Co/Mn Doped ZnO Ph.D 2006
35 Sandeep Chakrabarti Hydrothermal Investigations on Arsenates and Arsenate - Oxalates Ph.D 2006
36 Gautam Gundiah Investigations of Nanomaterials and Porous Materials
Ph.D 2005
37 A.G. Manoj Photoelectric Properties of Hybrid Conjugated Polymer Based Bilayer Structures Ph.D 2004
38 Gargi Raina Investigations of Molecular Clusters and Other Species Employing a Cluster Beam Apparatus Ph.D 2004
39 R. Vaidyanathan Metal Carboxylates with Open-Architectures Ph.D 2004
40 Th. Birendra Singh Novel Organic Polymer based  Photodetector Structures   Ph.D 2004
41 L. Sudheendra Colossal Magnetoresistance, Charge Ordering, Phase Separation and Related Properties of Rare Earth Manganates Ph.D 2003
42 P. John Thomas Mesoscopic Organization and Properties of Nanocrystals of Metals, Metal Oxides and Other Materials Ph.D 2003
43 P. Vinmathi Vanitha Ferromagnetism, Metallicity, Charge Ordering and Related Aspects of Rare Earth Manganates and Cobaltates Ph.D 2003
44 Sachin Parashar Investigations of Thin Films of Rare Earth Manganites, Magnetoferroelectrics and Related Materials Ph.D 2003
45 K. Vijaya Sarathy Charge Ordering and Related Phenomena in Rare Earth Manganates and Metal Nanoparticles and Their Assemblies Ph.D 2002
46 S. Vijayalakshmi Molecules Co-adsorbed on Metal Surfaces: Investigations Using X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy M.S. 2002
47 K Shivashankar Studies of supramolecularly organized chemical systems and of open-framework metal squarates and organic amine squarates M.S. 2001
48 R. Srinivas Gopalan Investigations of Molecular Crystals Using Experimental Charge Density. Ph.D 2001
49 S. Neeraj Investigation of Open-Frame Work Metal Phosphates and Mesoporous Solids  Ph.D 2000
50 Meciya Kalaiselvam An Investigation of Submicron Particles of Oxidic Materials Prepared by Nebulized Spray Pyrolysis and the Sonochemical Method M.S. 1997
52 Ram kumar Int. Ph.D

# Defence Completed

* Thesis Submitted

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