No Name Thesis Title Degree Year
1 Bharath S Structure-function studies on three members of the haloacid dehalogenase (HAD) superfamily of enzymes Ph.D 2012
2 Jitendra Thakur Genetic and Epigenetic Factors Determining Centromere Structure and Function in Candida Species Ph.D 2012
3 Mamta jain Rudhira is a cytoskeletal protein that regulates directional cell migration during vascular development Ph.D * 2012
4 V Sivani Functional Analysis of Centromeres and Centromere Associated Histone H3 in two Budding yeasts, Candida albicans and Saccharomyces castellii MS-Ph.D 2012
5 Gayatri G Characterization and Functional Analysis of a Novel Non-Coding RNA (mrhl) from Mouse
Ph.D 2010
6 Jayasha Shandilya Post Translational Modifications Regulate Multifunctional Nucleolar Protein NPM1: Implications in Oral Cancer Manifestation Ph.D 2010
7 Mohan Krishna D.V Histone acetylation and gene expression in Neural cells - probed by small molecule modulators M.S. # 2010
8 Rinki Ratna Priya Identification of Genetic Loci for Human Epilepsies
Ph.D 2010
9 Ruthrotha Selvi Chromatin Modifications by CARM1/PRMT4 and p300/KAT3B in the Regulation of Gene Expression, Probed by Specific Small Molecule Inhibitiors Ph.D 2010
10 Shrikanth Gadad Modulation of Human Histone Chaperone Nucleophosmin (NPM1) Functions by its Interacting Partners: Implications in Chromatin Dynamics and Transcription Ph.D 2010
11 Subhra Prakash Chakrabarty Understanding the kinetic and structural features of Plasmodium falciparum Sir2:a NAD+ dependent deacetylase
Ph.D 2010
12 Vani Kulkarni The endocytic protein Asrij modulates multiple signalling pathways to regulate Drosophila hematopoiesis and immunity Ph.D # 2010
13 Venkatesh Prasanna Kashi Immune responses to HIV-1 Tat in natural infection and experimental immunization: implications for vaccine design Ph.D 2010
14 Aparna G Studies on Molecular Genetic Aspects of Non Syndromic Hereditary Hearing Loss
Ph.D 2009
15 Krishanpal Karmodiya Biochemical and Molecular Insights into β–ketoacyl-Acyl Carrier Protein reductase (FabG) from Plasmodium falciparum Ph.D 2009
16 Mohammed Arif Molecular Mechanisms of Inhibition of Histone Acetyltransferases: Implications in Antineoplastic Therapy Ph.D 2009
17 Pradeepa M M Chromatin Remodeling during Spermiogenesis: Molecular Components involved in Nuclear Import of Transition Protein 2 (TP2) and Role of Acetylation in Modulating TP2 Function Ph.D 2009
18 Rahul Modak Biochemical and Molecular Insights into Acyl Carrier Protien (ACP) from Plasmodium falciparum Ph.D 2009
19 Kiran Batta

Functional Cooperativity of Tumor suppressor p53 and Transcriptional Coactivator PC4: Transcription to Repair

Ph.D 2008
20 Sonali Mehrotra

Structural and Functional Characterization of Adenylosuccinate Synthetase from a Mesophilic Parasitic Protozoan, Plasmodium falciparum and a Thermophilic Archaea Methanocaldococcus jannaschii

Ph.D 2008
21 Ashish Kapoor Studies on molecular genetic aspects of idiopathic generalized epilepsies Ph.D 2007
22 Chandrima Das Functional Mechanisms of Human Transcriptional Coactivator PC4, a Bona Fide Nonhistone Component of Chromatin Ph.D 2007
23 Kavitha Siva Rudhira-A Novel WD40 Protein Expressed in Embryonic  Stem Cells, Erthropoiesis, Angiogenesis and Tumors Ph.D 2007
24 M Ram Shankar Molecular genetic aspects of non-syndromic hearing loss in India Ph.D 2007
25 Arpita Mukhopadhyay Characterization of asrij Expression, Function and Regulation in Embryonic Stem Cells and the Developing Cardiovascular System Ph.D 2006
26 Venkatesh Swaminathan Regulation of Acetylation-Dependent Chromatin Transcription by Human Nucleophosmin, a Histone Chaperone  Ph.D 2006
27 Mohd Jamal Dar Studies on Plasmodium falciparum Enoyl-ACP Reductase (Fabl) Ph.D 2005
28 R. Jayalakshmi Structure-function Studies on Successive Purine Salvage Pathway Enzymes - Hypoxanthine Guanine Phosphoribosyltransferase and Adenylosuccinate Synthetase Ph.D 2004
29 Priyaranjan Pattaniak Protein Structure and Dynamics: Studies on the Plasmodial Proteins - Triosephosphate Isomerase (TIM) and Hypoxanthine Guanine Phosphoribosyltransferase (HGPRT) and Plasmepsin II Ph.D 2003
30 Sourav Bannerjee Regulation of p53 Function by Nonhistone Chromosomal Proteins, HMGB-1 and PC4 Ph.D 2003
31 Sujay Subbaiah I N Investigations on the Plasmodium Falciparum, Human and Chimeric Hypoxanthine Guanine Phosphoribosyltransferases Ph.D 2002
32 Praveen Bhat Cloning and Characterization of the Eukaryotic Initiation factor 2? Malarial Parasite Plasmodium Falciparu M.S. 2001
33 Ph.D

# Defence Completed

* Thesis Submitted

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