No Name Thesis Title Degree Year
1 Himadri Barman Diagrammatic perturbation theory based investigations of the infinite dimensional Hubbard model Ph.D 2012
2 Mighfar Imam Density Functional Theory Study of Structural and Magnetic Properties of Low Dimensional Systems Ph.D 2012
3 Moumita Maiti Methods and models for the study of structure, cold denaturation and aggregation of proteins Ph.D 2012
4 Ershaad Ahamed Understanding the electronic structure of organometallic sandwich complexes and graphene based nanomaterials M.S. Engg 2011
5 Sasmita Mohakud

Theoretical modeling of some low dimensional quantum spin systems and charge transport in a few organic electronic materials

Ph.D 2011
6 Sudipta Dutta Interaction Driven Electronic Properties of Some Low-Dimensional Systems Ph.D 2011
7 Anil Kumar Phonon Anomalies and Related Phenomena in Ferroelectrics and Fe-pnictide Superconductors and Spinels Ph.D 2010
8 Arun R A generalized Landau-theoretical analysis of defect states of order-parameter near ferroelectric phase transitions Ph.D 2010
9 Debabrata Parihari Numerical Studies of low energy behaviour of a few spin ladders and magnetic field effects in heavy fermions Ph.D 2009
10 Jaita Paul Modelling and Simulations of Structures and Structural Transitions Ph.D 2009
11 Sairam Swaroop Mallajosyula Theoretical Investigations of Electronic Structure and Charge Transfer Properties of DNA and Modified DNA
Ph.D 2009
12 Mousumi Upadhyay Kahaly First-Principles Study of One-dimensional Nano-structures Ph.D 2008
13 Prasenjit Ghosh Theoretical Investigations of Properties of Low Dimensional Systems and Nanomaterial Ph.D 2008
14 Joydeep Bhattacharjee Geometric phases, localized orbitals and distribution of electron charge centres Ph.D 2007
15 Lakshmi.S Theoretical modeling of electron transport through molecular bridges Ph.D 2007
16 Tiju Thomas Polytypes and Stacking Faults in C, Si, Ge and SiC M.S. Engg 2007
17 Ashwin S Sampangiraj

Topics in Dynamics, Thermodynamics and Electronic Structure of Supercooled Liquids

Ph.D 2006
18 Ragani Pushpa N Structural and Vibrational Consequences of Reduced Coordination Ph.D 2006
19 Sutapa Roy Ph.D
20 Vinay Hegde M.S. Engg

# Defence Completed

* Thesis Submitted

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