No Name Thesis Title Degree Year
1 Anubhab Roy Singular eigenfunctions in hydrodynamic stability: the roles of rotation, stratification and elasticity Ph.D 2012
2 Sumesh P. T Statics and Dynamics of Drops on Solid Surfaces: Theory and Simulations Ph.D 2012
3 Harish N Dixit Some Studies on Vortices with Density Stratification Ph.D 2011
4 Kopal Arora A wavelet analysis of possible connections between cosmic ray flux and global precipitation M.S. Engg 2011
5 Priyanka Shukla Nonlinear Stability, Bifurcation and Mode Interaction in Granular Plane Couette Flow Ph.D 2011
6 T Srikanth Vortex shedding patterns, their competition, and chaos in flow past inline oscillating rectangular cylinders M.S. Engg 2011
7 Dinesh Kumar Numerical Simulation and Experimental Investigation of Salt-Diapirs M.S. Engg 2010
8 Gayathri S Global Stability Analysis of Non-parallel Flows Ph.D 2010
9 Konduri Aditya Direct Numerical Simulation of Starting-Plume Cloud-Flows M.S. Engg 2010
10 Rahul Bale Algebraic Instability and Transient Growth in Stratified Shear Flows M.S. Engg 2010
11 Ratul Das Gupta A computational and semi-analytical study of laminar, standing hydraulic jumps Ph.D 2010
12 Vivek N. Prakash An Experimental Study of Mantle Convection M.S. Engg 2010
13 Ashish Malik

Density Waves and Fluctuations in Three-Dimensional Granular Poiseuille Flow

M.S. Engg 2009
14 Devranjan Samanta Experimental and Numerical Study of Parametric Dependence of Lift in Flapping Flight M.S. Engg 2009
15 Vivekanand Dabade Orientation Dynamics of Anisotropic Particles in Viscoelastic Fluids
M.S. Engg 2009
16 Bishakhdatta Gayen Velocity Fluctuation, Correlation and Rheology in Frictional Granular Shear Flow M.S. Engg 2008
17 Kaushik Srinivasan Direct numerical simulation of transition in unstably stratified poiseuille flow M.S. Engg 2008
18 Pinaki Bhattacharya

A linear stability analysis of the sptially-developing incompressible plane laminar mixing layer using minimal composite theory

M.S. Engg 2008
19 Rajapandian A On stratified jets and wakes generated by a self-propelled body M.S. Engg 2008
20 Vijay Kumar Chikkadi Particle Dynamics simulation of gravity driven granular poiseuille flow M.S. Engg 2008
21 Kirti Chandra Sahu Novel stability problems in pipe flows Ph.D 2007
22 Punit Tiwari

Laboratory Simulation of Lifted Temperature Minimum


M.S. Engg 2007
23 Rajaram Lakkaraju Studies on buoyancy-induced open flows: plane thermal plume M.S. Engg 2007
24 J. V. Shreyas Experiments and numerical simulations of flapping-wing flight M.S. Engg 2006
25 Manikandan M.S. Effects of ambient viscosity on the entrainment and dynamics of a buoyant jet M.S. Engg 2006
26 N. Vinod Stability and Transition in Boundary Layers: Effect of Transverse Curvature and Pressure Gradient Ph.D 2006
27 Subarna Bhattacharyya A wavelet analysis of possible connections between solar processes, Indian monsoon rainfall and ENSO indices Ph.D 2006
28 Antina Ghosh Simulation of Nanoscale Flows by Molecular Dynamics Method M.S. Engg 2005
29 Binaya Kumar Dhar Unsteady Aerodynamics of Flapping Flight M.S. Engg 2004
30 Saji Varghese Band Model Computation of Near-surface Longwave Fluxes Ph.D 2004
31 Jotkar Mamta Raju Ph.D
32 Prasanth P M.S. Engg
33 Ujjayan Paul Ph.D
34 Vicky Kumar Verma M.S. Engg

# Defence Completed

* Thesis Submitted