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Sundaresan A.Chandrabhas NarayanaShivaprasad S. M.


  1. Ashish Asatkar, Satyaprasad P. Senanayak, A.Bedi, S.Panda, K.S.Narayan and S. Zade, Zn (ii) and Cu (ii) complexes of a new thiophene-based salphen-type ligand: solution-processable high-performance field-effect transistor materials, ChemComm 50, 7036 - 7039 (2014).

  2. Miquel Planells, Efthymios Klampaftis, Ravichandran Shivanna, K. Venkata Rao, Oleg Chepelin, Anita C. Jones, Bryce S. Richards, Subi J George, K. S. Narayan and Neil Robertson, Luminescent Polymer Films from Simple Processing of Coronene and Europium Precursors in Water, European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry (2014).

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  5. N. Kolhe, A.Z.Ashar and K.S.Narayan, Naphthalenediimide copolymers with Oligo(p-phenylenevinylene) and Benzobisoxazole for Balanced Ambipolar  charge transport, Macromolecules (2014). In Press.

  6. Raboya Basori, K.Das, Prashant Kumar, K. S. Narayan and A.K.Raychaudri, Single CuTCNQ charge transfer complex nanowire as ultra high responsivity photo-detector, Optics Express 22, 4944 - 4952 (2014).

  7. Vini Gautam and K. S. Narayan, Polymer optoelectronic structures for retinal prosthesis, Organogenesis (2014). In Press.

  8. Satyaprasad P. Senanayak and K. S. Narayan, Strategies for fast-switching in all-polymer field effect transistors, Advanced Functional Materials (2014).

  9. Nishit Srivastava, Jackson James and K. S. Narayan, Morphology and electrostatics play active role in neuronal differentiation processes on Flexible Conducting Substrates, Organogenesis 10, (2014).

  10. Ravichandran Shivanna, Safa Shoaee, Stoichko Dimitrov, Sunil Kumar Kandappa, Sridhar Rajaram, James Durrant and K. S. Narayan, Charge Generation and Transport in Efficient Organic Bulk Heterojunction Solar Cells with a Perylene Acceptor., Energy and Environmental Science 7, 435 - 441 (2014). In Press.

  11. Satyaprasad Senanayak, K. S. Narayan, Sanjio Zade and Palas Pati, Solution Processable Benzooxadiazole and Benzothiadiazole Based D-A-D Co-oligomers with Chalcogenophene: Field Effect Transistors Study and Structure Property Relationship, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 5, 12460 - 12468 (2013). In Press.

  12. Anshuman Das, RavichandranShivanna and K.S.Narayan, Photoconductive NSOM for mapping optoelectronic phases in nanostructures, Nanophotonics (2013). In Press.

  13. Vini Gautam, David Rand, Yael Hanein and K. S. Narayan, A polymer optoelectronic interface provides visual cues to a blind retina, Advanced Materials (2013). In Press.

  14. Avijit Saha, Kishore V. Chellappan, K. S. Narayan, Jay Ghatak, Ranjan Datta and Ranjani Viswanatha, Near-Unity Quantum Yield in Semiconducting Nanostructures: Structural Understanding Leading to Energy Efficient Applications, The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 4, 3544 - 3549 (2013).

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  17. Ndubuisi B. Ukah, Satyaprasad P. Senanayak, Danish Adil, Grant Knotts, Jimmy Granstrom, K. S. Narayan and Suchi Guha, Enhanced Mobility and Environmental Stability in All Organic Field-Effect Transistors: The Role of High Dipole Moment Solvent,, Journal Of Polymer Science, Polymer Physics 51, 1533 - 1542 (2013).

  18. Prashant Kumar, K. Shadi, S Guha and K.S.Narayan, Hybrid n-GaN and polymer interfaces: model systems for tunable photodiodes,, Organic Electronics 14 , 2818 - 2825 (2013).

  19. A. Bedi, Satyaprasad Senanayak, Sanjio Zade and k.S. Narayan, Synthesis of Solution-Processable Poly(cyclopenta[c]selenyl-vinylene) and Its Charge Transport Properties: Comparative Study with the Thiophene Analogue, Macromolecules 46, 5943 - 5950 (2013).

  20. S. Nishit, V. Vijay, M. Divya, V.A. Rashid, Jackson James and K.S.Narayan, Neuronal differentiation of embryonic stem cell derived neuronal progenitors can be regulated by stretchable conducting polymers, Tissue Engineering 19, 1984 - 1993 (2013).

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