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Eswaramoorthy MG.U. KulkarniTapas Kumar MajiK.S. NarayanBalasubramanian Sundaram
Sundaresan A.Chandrabhas NarayanaShivaprasad S. M.


  1. A. Sundaresan, C. S. Gopinath, S. Subramanian, L. C. Gupta, M. Sharon and R. Vijayaraghavan, Superconductivity and valence state of Tl in TlA2-xLaxCuO5 and TlA2Ca1-xGdxCunO2n+3, Phys. Rev. 10238 (1994).

  2. A. Sundaresan, R. Nagarajan, L. C. Gupta, R. Vijayaraghavan, M. Sharon, A. S. Tamhane and R. Pinto, Possible overdoping in TlSrLaCuO5 and superconductivity in TlBaLaCuO5, Phys. Rev. 13127 (1994).

  3. A. Sundaresan, K. Ghosh, S. Ramakrishnan, L. C. Gupta, Girish Chandra, M. Sharon and R. Vijayaraghavan, Magnetic and superconducting properties of TlSr2Ca1-xRxCu2O7 [R=Gd (x=0.6, 1.0); Ho, Yb (x=1.0)]; High TN(=3.1 K) in Gd syste, Phys. Rev. 6388 (1994).

  4. N. John Jebarathinam, M. Eswaramoorthy and V. Krishnasamy, Dehydrogenation of ethylbenzene over spinel oxides, Bull. Chem.Soc. Jpn. 67, 1 - 5 (1994).

  5. J. K. N. Sharma, Santanu Bera and S. M. Shivaprasad, Oxygen KVV Auger lineshape analysis for studying transition metal oxides, Bull. of IVS 25, 39 (1994).

  6. S. Bera, S. M. Shivaprasad and J. K. N. Sharma, Observation of electron transfer in the silicidation and oxidation of Mo by AES and SEEL, Applied Surface Science 74, 13 (1994).

  7. S. Balasubramanian and K. J. Rao, A molecular dynamics study of atomic correlations in glassy B2S3, Journal of Physical Chemistry 98, 9216 - 9221 (1994).

  8. S. Balasubramanian and K. J. Rao, Molecular dynamics investigation of structure and transport in the K2O-2SiO2 system using a partial charge based model potential, Journal of Physical Chemistry 98, 10871 - 10880 (1994).

  9. Rao C. N. R., H. N. Aiyer, T. Arunarkavalli and G. U. Kulkarni, Scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy of silver and platinum catalysts, Catal.Lett. 23, 37 - 47 (1994).

  10. S. Muthupari, G. U. Kulkarni and K. J. Rao, EXAFS and MAS NMR studies of sodium molybdophosphate and sodium tunstophosphate glasses, Bull. Mater. Sci. 17, 1029 - 1037 (1994).

  11. N. Chandrabhas, A. K. Sood, D.V.S Muthu, C. S. Sundar, A. Bharathi, Y. Hariharan and C. N. R. Rao, Pressure-induced Amorphization in solid C70 : Raman and Photoluminescence Study, Physical Review Letters 73, 3411 - 3414 (1994).

  12. N. Chandrabhas, A. K. Sood, D. Sundaraman, S. Raju, V. S. Raghunathan, G. V. N. Rao, V. S. Sastry, T. S. Radhakrishnan, Y. Hariharan, A. Bharathi and C. S. Sunder, Studies on Structure and Vibrational Properties of Carbon Tubules, Pramana - Journal of Physics 42, 375 - 385 (1994).

  13. A. K. Sood, N. Chandrabhas, D. V. S. Muthu, Y. Hariharan, A. Bharathi and C. S. Sunder, Pressure-induced Band gap Reduction, Orientational Phase Transition and Re- versible Amorphization in C70 Crystals: Photoluminescence and Raman Study, Philosophical Magazine B 70, 347 - 358 (1994).

  14. M. N. Shashikala, N. Chandrabhas, K. Jayaram, A. Jayaraman and A. K. Sood, High Pressure Raman Spectroscopic Study of LiCsSO4: Pressure-Induced Phase Transitions and Amorphization, Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids 55, 107 - 112 (1994).

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