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Eswaramoorthy MG.U. KulkarniTapas Kumar MajiK.S. NarayanBalasubramanian Sundaram
Sundaresan A.Chandrabhas NarayanaShivaprasad S. M.


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  15. K. Sarathy, P. J. Thomas, G. U. Kulkarni and Rao C. N. R., Superlattices of metal and metal-semiconductor quantum dots obtained by layer-by-layer depostion of nanoparticle arrays, Journal of Physical Chemistry B 103, 399 - 401 (1999).

  16. K. R. Harikumar, C. P. Vinod, G. U. Kulkarni and Rao C. N. R., Facile C-O bond scission in alcohols on Zn surfaces, Journal of Physical Chemistry B 103, 2445 - 2452 (1999).

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