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Meheboob AlamNarasimha RoddamSreenivas K. R.Ganesh Subramanian
K. B. SinhaDiwakar S. VenkatesanSantosh Ansumali


  1. Meheboob Alam and A. Khalili, Mean flow and linear stability of an oscillatory particulate suspension., Proc. of 2nd Intl Conf. on Porous Media and its Applications 1 - 6 (2007).

  2. R Narasimha, Epistemology and language in Indian astronomy and mathematics, Journal of Indian Philosophy 35, 521 - 541 (2007).

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  5. S. Azad, R. Narasimha and S. K. Sett, Multiresolution analysis for separating closely spaced frequencies with an application to Indian monsoon rainfall data, International Journal of Wavelets, Multiresolution and Information Processing 5, 735 - 752 (2007).

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  9. S. Bhattacharya and R. Narasimha, Regional differentiation in multidecadal connections between Indian monsoon rainfall and solar activity, Journal of Geophysical Research 112, (2007).

  10. R. Narasimha, Epistemology and language in Indian astronomy and mathematics, Journal of Indian Philosophy 35, 521 - 541 (2007).

  11. Qian Liao, Subramanian G, Delisa M. P, Koch D. L and Mingming Wu, Pair velocity correlations among swimming Escherichia coli bacteria are determined by force-quadrupole hydrodynamic interactions. (This article was selected for the June 15, 2007, issue of the Virtual journal of Biological Physics Research)   , Phys. Fluids 19, 061701 - 061705 (2007).

  12. Subramanian G and Koch D. L, Heat transfer from a neutrally buoyant sphere in a second-order fluid, Journal of non-Newtonian Fluid Mech 144, 49 - 57 (2007).

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  14. Vijayakumar K. C. and Meheboob Alam, Velocity distribution and the effect of wall roughness in granular Poiseuille flow, Physical Review E 75, 051306 (2007).

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