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Meheboob AlamNarasimha RoddamSreenivas K. R.Ganesh Subramanian
K. B. SinhaDiwakar S. VenkatesanSantosh Ansumali


  1. Malik M., J Dey and Meheboob Alam, Spatial modal stability of compressible plane Couette flow, Proc. of 12th Asian Congress of Fluid Mechanics 1 - 4 (2008).

  2. Shukla P. and Meheboob Alam, Nonlinear Stability of Granular Shear Flow: Landau Equation and Shearbanding, Proc. of 12th Asian Congress of Fluid Mechanics 1 - 4 (2008).

  3. Malik A. and Meheboob Alam, Large-scale Structures and Fluctuations in 3D granular Poiseuille Flow, Proc. of 12th Asian Congress of Fluid Mechanics 1 - 4 (2008).

  4. Meheboob Alam, Dynamics of Sheared Granular Fluid, Proc. of 10th Asian Congress of Fluid Mechanics 1 - 6 (2008).

  5. Meheboob Alam and P. Shukla, Nonlinear Stability of Granular Shear Flow: Landau Equation, Shearbanding and Universality, ICTAM Conference Proceedings 1 - 2 (2008).

  6. K Aditya, S M Deshpande, K R Sreenivas and R Narasimha, Numerical simulation of a starting-plume cloud-flow, ERCOFTAC workshop on Direct and large-Eddy Simulations, Trieste, Italy 7, 08 - 10 (2008).

  7. R Narasimha and G S Bhat, Recent experimental and computational studies related to the fluid dynamics of clouds     In: Y. Kaneda (ed.) Computational Physics and New Perspectives in Turbulence, Proceedings IUTAM Symposium, Nagoya, Japan Springer, Netherlands 313 - 320 (2008).

  8. S. Azad, R. Narasimha and S. K. Sett, A wavelet based significance test for periodicities in Indian monsoon rainfall, International Journal of Wavelets, Multiresolution and Information Processing 6, 291 - 304 (2008).

  9. Meheboob Alam and A. Khalili, Instabilities and patterns in horizontally oscillating particulate suspension, Physical Review E 77, 041305 (2008).

  10. Malik M, J. Dey and Meheboob Alam, Linear stability, transient energy growth and the role of viscosity stratification in compressible plane Couette flow, Physical Review E 77, 036322 (2008).

  11. Gayen B and Meheboob Alam, Orientational Correlation and Velocity Distributions in Uniform Shear Flow of a Dilute Granular Gas, Physical Review Letters 100, 068002 (2008).

  12. Meheboob Alam, P. Shukla and S. Luding, Universality of shear-banding instability and crystallization in sheared granular fluid, Journal of Fluid Mechanics 615, 293 - 321 (2008).

  13. W. Brent Daniel, Robert E.Ecke, G. Subramanian and D.L. Koch, Clusters of sedimenting high-Reynolds-number particles, J. Fluid Mech. 625, 371 - 385 (2008).

  14. G. Subramanian and D.L. Koch, Evolution of clusters of sedimenting low-Reynolds-number particles with Oseen interactions, J. Fluid Mech. 603, 63 - 100 (2008).

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