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Eswaramoorthy MG.U. KulkarniTapas Kumar MajiK.S. NarayanBalasubramanian Sundaram
Sundaresan A.Chandrabhas NarayanaShivaprasad S. M.


  1. Gopal K. Pradhan, Anil Kumar, S.K. Deb, Umesh V. Waghmare and Chandrabhas Narayana, Elastic and structural instability of cubic Sn3N4 and C3N4 under pressure, Physical Review B 82, 144112 - 144115 (2010).

  2. Awadesh K. Mallik, S. R. Binu, L. N. Satapathy, Chandrabhas Narayana, Md. Motin Seikh, S. A. Shivashankar and S. K. Biswas, Effect of substrate roughness on growth of diamond by hot filament CVD, Bulletin of Materials Science 33, 251 - 255 (2010).

  3. S. Murugavel, C. Vaid, Venkat Srinu Bhadram and Chandrabhas Narayana,   Ion Transport Mechanism in Glasses: Non-Arrhenius Conductivity and Non-Universal Features, Journal of Physical Chemistry B 114, 13381 - 13385 (2010).

  4. M. Viswanathan, P.S. Anil Kumar, Venkata Srinu Bhadram, Chandrabhas Narayana, A.K. Bera and S.M. Yusuf, Influence of lattice distortion on the Curie temperature and spin-phonon coupling in LaMn0.5Ca0.5O3, Journal of Physics: Condense Matter 22, 346006 - 346013 (2010).

  5. Diptikanta Swain, Venkata Srinu Bhadram, Venakataprasad Bhat, Gopal K. Pradhan, Chandrabhas Narayana and C.N.R. Rao, Superionic phase transition in KHSO4: A temperature dependent Raman investigation, Journal of Physical Chemistry A 114, 10040 - 10044 (2010).

  6. Sudip Mohapatra, Soumik Siddhanta, D. Ravindar Kumar, Chandrabhas Narayana and Tapas K. Maji, A facile bottom up approach for fabricating multifunctional silver nanorods, European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry 31 , 4969 - 4974 (2010).

  7. T Bhuvana, Anurag Kumar, Aditya Sood, Roger H. Gerzeski, Jianjun Hu, Venkata Srinu Bhadram, Chandrabhas Narayana and Timothy S. Fisher, Contiguous Petal-like Carbon Nanosheet Outgrowths from Graphite Fibers by Plasma CVD, ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 2, 644 - 648 (2010).

  8. Gopal K. Pradhan, Chandrabhas Narayana, O. Pag├Ęs, A. Breidi, J. Souhabi, A. V. Postnikov, S. K. Deb, F. Firszt, W. Paszkowicz, A. Shukla and F. El Haj Hassan, Pressure-induced phonon freezing in the Zn1−xBexSe alloy: A study via the percolation model, Physical Review B 81, 115207 - 115212 (2010).

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