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Eswaramoorthy MG.U. KulkarniTapas Kumar MajiK.S. NarayanBalasubramanian Sundaram
Sundaresan A.Chandrabhas NarayanaShivaprasad S. M.


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  2. A. Sundaresan, A. D. Chinchure, K. Ghosh, S. Ramakrishnan, V. Marathe, L. C. Gupta, M. Sharon and S. S. Shah, Superconducting and magnetic properties of TlSr2Ca1-xRxCu2O7 [R=Pr (x=0.2 - 1.0); Tb (x=0.6 and 1.0)], Phys. Rev. B 51, 3893 (1995).

  3. S. M. Shivaprasad, T. Abukawa, H. W. Yeom, M. Nakamura, S. Suzuki, S. Sato and S. Kono, Ag adsorption induced superstructures on Si(001) 2 x 1 surface studied by electron and photoelectron diffraction, Surface Science 344, (1995).

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  8. K.J. Rao and S. Balasubramanian, Glass science: In continuing search of models, Perspectives in Solid State Chemistry 389 - 405 (1995).

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  10. G. Sankar, M. A. Roberts, J. M. Thomas, G. U. Kulkarni, N. Rangavittal and Rao C. N. R., Probing the structural changes in the phase transition of a Bi2MoO6 catalyst: The nature of the intermediate temperature phase, J. Solid State Chem. 119, 210 - 215 (1995).

  11. G. U. Kulkarni, Rao C. N. R. and Roberts M. W., Coadsorption of dioxygen and water on the Ni(110): role of O-1 type species in the dissociation of water, Langmuir 11, 2572 - 2575 (1995).

  12. G. U. Kulkarni, Rao C. N. R. and M. W. Roberts, Nature of the oxygen species at Ni(110) and Ni(100) surfaces revealed by exposure to oxygen and ammonia-oxygen mixtures: evidence for the surface reactivity of O-1 species, Journal of Physical Chemistry 99, 3310 - 3316 (1995).

  13. Rao C. N. R., V. Vijayakrishnan, G. U. Kulkarni and M. K. Rajumon, A comparative study of the interaction of oxygen with clusters and single crystal surfaces of Nickel, Appl. Surf. Sci. 84, 285 - 289 (1995).

  14. Ram Seshadri, G. N. Subbanna, V. Vijayakrishnan, G. U. Kulkarni, G. Ananthakrishna and Rao C. N. R., Growth of nanometric gold particles in solution phase, Journal of Physical Chemistry 99, 5639 - 5644 (1995).

  15. A. K. Sood, N. Chandrabhas, D. V. S. Muthu and A. Jayaraman, Phonon Interference in BaTiO3 : High Pressure Raman Study, Physical Review B 51, 8892 - 8895 (1995).

  16. N. Chandrabhas and A. K. Sood, Raman Study of Pressure-induced Phase Transitions in RbIO4, Physical Review B 51, 8795 - 8800 (1995).

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