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Meheboob AlamNarasimha RoddamSreenivas K. R.Ganesh Subramanian
K. B. SinhaDiwakar S. VenkatesanSantosh Ansumali


  1. R Narasimha, Sourabh Suhas Diwan, Subrahmanyam Duvvuri, K. R. Sreenivas and G. S. Bhat, Laboratory simulations show diabatic heating drives cumulus-cloud evolution and entrainment, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (USA) 39, 16164 - 16169 (2011).

  2. Vybhav G R, Sourabh S Diwan, K R Sreenivas, R Narasimha, L. Venkatakrishnan and P. Suriyanarayanan, Laboratory simulation of the life-cycle of a cumulus congestus cloud, Proc. International conference on Opportunities and Challenges in Monsoon Prediction in a Changing Climate" (OCHAMP-2012), Pune, India, 21-25 February 2012 (2011).

  3. R Narasimha, Kosambi and Proper Orthogonal Decomposition, Resonance 16: 574-581 (2011).

  4. B R Rakshith, S M Deshpande, C Praveen and R Narasimha, Assessment of lifting-line theory optimization of turboprop wings in tractor configuration using Euler code, Proc. Symp. Applied Aerodynamics and Design of Aerospace Vehicles, pp 564, (2011).

  5. R Narasimha, Satish Dhawan. In: A Voyage Through Turbulence (ed. P Davidson et al.), (2011).

  6. R Narasimha, S M Deshpande, C Praveen and B R Rakshith, Novel wing planforms for propeller driven aircraft, International patents filed, Jan. 2012 (2011).

  7. Sourabh S. Diwan, R Narasimha, G.S. Bhat and K.R. Sreenivas, Laboratory Studies of Anomalous Entrainment in Cumulus Cloud Flows   13th European Turbulence Conference (ETC13), IOP Publishing, Journal of Physics: Conference Series 318 (2011) 072014 (2011).

  8. R Narasimha, Culture views Nature: Bacon and Samkhya compared.  In: R Narasimha & S. Menon (2011) Nature and Culture (PHIPSC. Vol.14 pt.1), Centre for Studies in Civilizations, New Delhi (2011).

  9. K. C. Smith, T. S. Fisher and Meheboob Alam, Isostaticity of constraints in amorphous jammed systems of soft frictionless Platonic solids, Physical Review E (Rapid Communication) 84, 030301 (2011).

  10. B. Gayen and Meheboob Alam, Effect of Coulomb friction on orientational correlation and velocity distribution functions in a sheared dilute granular gas, Physical Review E 84, 021304 (2011).

  11. Ganesh Subramanian and Nott P.R., The fluid dynamics of swimming microorganisms and cells (invited review), IISc J. 91, 283 - 313 (2011).

  12. Shiwani S., Subramanian G. and Ansumali S., A Lattice Boltzmann method for dilute polymer solutions, Phil. Trans. Royal Soc. (London) 369, 2301 - 2310 (2011).

  13. Koch D.L. and Subramanian G., Collective hydrodynamics of swimming micro-organisms: Living fluids, Ann. Rev. Fluid Mech. 43, 637 - 659 (2011).

  14. Shukla P and Meheboob Alam, Nonlinear stability and patterns in granular plane Couette flow: Hopf and pitchfork bifurcations, and evidence for resonance, Journal of Fluid Mechanics 672, 147 - 195 (2011).

  15. Shukla P and Meheboob Alam, Weakly nonlinear theory of shear-banding instability in granular plane Couette flow: analytical solution, comparison with numerics and bifurcation, Journal of Fluid Mechanics 666, 204 - 253 (2011).

  16. Subramanian G., Koch D.L. and Sean R. Fitzgibbon, The stability of a homogeneous suspension of chemotactic bacteria (This article was selected for the April 15, 2011, issue of the Virtual journal of Biological Physics Research), Phys. Fluids 23, 041901 (2011).

  17. Subramanian G., Koch D.L., Zhang J. and Yang C., The influence of the inertially dominated outer region on the rheology of a dilute suspension of low-Reynolds-number drops and particles, J. Fluid Mech 674, 307 - 358 (2011).

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