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Meheboob AlamNarasimha RoddamSreenivas K. R.Ganesh Subramanian
K. B. SinhaDiwakar S. VenkatesanSantosh Ansumali


  1. Saikishan Suryanarayanan, R Narasimha and N.D. Hari Dass, The Turbulent 'Mixing' Layer as a Problem in the Non-equilibrium Statistical Mechanics of a Vortex Gas, arXiv:1212.6586            , Physics.flu-dyn (2012).

  2. R. Mukund, R. Narasimha, P R Viswanath and Jeffrey D Crouch, Multiple laminar-turbulent transition cycles around a swept leading edge, Experiments in Fluids 53, 1915 - 1927 (2012).

  3. R Narasimha, Cumulus clouds and convective boundary layers: a tropical perspective on two turbulent shear flows, Journal of Turbulence 13, 1 - 25 (2012).

  4. R Narasimha, Rockets in Mysore and Britain (AD 1750-1850), In: Harbans Mukhia (ed). History of Technology in India, Indian National Science Academy 2, 804 - 822 (2012).

  5. Meheboob Alam and Shukla, P., Vorticity Banding and Stress Localization in a Granular  Fluid., ICTAM Conference Proceedings 1 - 2 (2012).

  6. R Narasimha, Barbarous Algebra and Inferred Arioms: Eastern Echoes in the European Scientific Revolution, (Script under revision, for Arun Bala (ed) The Bright-Dark Ages…) (2012).

  7. R Narasimha, A Fabulous Rationality: Poetry, Reason and Action in the Yoga-Vasistha, To appear in Yoga-Vasistha (ed.Christopher Chapple), US. (2012).

  8. R Narasimha, The Yukti of Classical Indian Astronomical Science  In: B.V. Sreekantan (ed). Foundations of Science(PHISPC), Centre for Studies in Civilizations, New Delhi (2012). In Press.

  9. R Narasimha, Pramanas, proofs and the yukti of classical Indic Science.   In: Arun Bala (ed). Asia-Europe Dialogue and the Making of Modern Science, Palgrave Macmillan (2012). In Press.

  10. Meheboob Alam, Non-modal stability and optimal perturbations in unbounded granular shear flow: Three-dimensionality and particle spin, Progress of Theoretical Physics (PTPS) 195, 078 - 100 (2012).

  11. Meheboob Alam and P. Shukla, Origin of subcritical shear-banding instability in a dense two-dimensional sheared granular fluid, Granular Matter 14, 221 - 227 (2012).

  12. Mukund V., Singh D.K., Ponnulakshmi V.K., Subramanian G. and Sreenivas K.R., Hypercooling in the nocturnal boundary layer - broadband emissivity schemes, J. Atmos. Sci. 69, 2892 - 2905 (2012).

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