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Amitabh JoshiSheeba VasuKavita JainVidya T. N. C.


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  2. D. A. Paranjpe, D. Anitha, V. K. Sharma and A. Joshi, Circadian clocks and life-history-related traits: is pupation height affected by circadian organization in Drosophila melanogaster?, Journal of Genetics 83, 73 - 77 (2004).

  3. N. S. Bharathi, N. G. Prasad, M. Shakarad and A. Joshi, Correlates of sexual dimorphism for dry weight and development time in five species of Drosophila, Journal of Zoology 264, 87 - 95 (2004).

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  5. N. S. Bharathi, J. Mohan and A. Joshi, A potential mass-scale assay for level of immune competence in Drosophila, Current Science 86, 1482 - 1485 (2004).

  6. A. Joshi, Are bigger flies always better: the role of genes and environment, Journal of Genetics 83, 13 - 15 (2004).

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