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  1. Vidya TNC, Varma S, Dang NX, Van Thanh T and Sukumar R, Minimum population size, genetic diversity, and social structure of the Asian elephant in Cat Tien National Park and its adjoining areas, Vietnam, based on molecular genetic analyses, Conservation Genetics 8, 1471 - 1478 (2007).

  2. K. Jain, Evolutionary dynamics of the most populated genotype on rugged fitness landscapes, Physical Review E 76, 31922 (2007).

  3. K. Jain and J. Krug, Deterministic and stochastic regimes of asexual evolution on rugged fitness landscapes, Genetics 175, 1275 (2007).

  4. K. Jain, F. Bouchet and D. Mukamel, Relaxation times of unstable states in systems with long range interactions, Journal of Statistical Mechanics 11008 (2007).

  5. K. Jain, R. Marathe, A. Chaudhuri and A. Dhar, Driving particle current through narrow channels using classical pump, Physical Review Letters 99, 190601 (2007).

  6. S. Dey and A. Joshi, Local perturbations do not affect stability of laboratory fruitfly metapopulations, PloS ONE 2, (2007).

  7. N. S. Bharathi, N. Archana, B. Anjana, K. M. Satish, J. Mohan and A. Joshi, Time to death in the presence of E. coli: a mass-scale method for assaying pathogen resistance in Drosophila, Journal of Genetics 86, 75 - 79 (2007).

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