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  2. K. J. Sheikh, D. Naveen, T. Sherrin, A. Murthy, K. Thennarasu, A. Anand, V. Benegal and S. Jain, Polymorphisms at the DRD2 locus in early onset alcoholism in the Indian population, Addication Biology 6, 331 - 335 (2001).

  3. Q. Saleem, A. Anand, S. K. Brahmachari, S. Jain and U. Muthane, A clinical study of patients with genetically confirmed Huntington's disease from India, J. Neurological Sciences 15, 73 - 78 (2001).

  4. Q Saleem, A. Anand, S. Jain and S. K. Brahmachari, The polyglutamine motif is highly conserved at the Clock locus in various organisms and is not polymorphic in humans, Human Genetics 109, 136 - 142 (2001).

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