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Anuranjan AnandHemalatha BalaramManeesha InamdarUdaykumar RangaKundu Tapas K.
M. R. S. RaoKaustuv SanyalNamita SuroliaJames P. Clement ChelliahRavi Manjithaya


  1. Meetei AR, Ullas KS, Vasupradha V and Rao MR, Involvement of protein kinase A in the phosphorylation of spermatidal protein TP2 and its effect on DNA condensation, Biochemistry 41, 185 - 195 (2002).

  2. Bharath MM, Ramesh S, Chandra NR and Rao MR, Identification of a 34 amino acid stretch within the C-terminus of histone H1 as the DNA-condensing domain by site-directed mutagenesis, Biochemistry 41, 7617 - 7627 (2002).

  3. Bharath MM, Chandra NR and Rao MR, Prediction of an HMG-box fold in the C-terminal domain of histone H1: insights into its role in DNA condensation, Proteins 49, 71 - 81 (2002).

  4. Haldar D, Acharya S and Rao MR, A novel structure-specific endonuclease activity associated with polypyrimidine-tract binding (PTB) related protein from rat testis, Biochemistry 41, 11628 - 11641 (2002).

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