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  2. Ramprasad S, Radha V, Mathias RA, Majumder PP and Rao MR, Rage gene promoter polymorphisms and diabetic retinopathy in a clinic-based population from South India, Eye (Lond) 3, 395 - 401 (2007).

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  9. Sharma SK, Parasuraman P, Kumar G, Surolia N, Surolia A., Green tea catechins potentiate triclosan binding to enoyl-ACP reductase from Plasmodium falciparum (PfENR). J Med Chem.; 50(4):765-75, 50, 765 - 775 (2007).

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  17. Sabareesh V, Ranganayaki RS, Raghothama S, Bopanna MP, Balaram H, Srinivasan MC and Balaram P, Identification and characterization of a library of microheterogeneous cyclohexadepsipeptides from the fungus Isaria, journal of natural products 70, 715 - 729 (2007).

  18. G. L. Cavalleri, N. M. Walley, N. Soranzo, J. Mulley, C. P. Doherty, A. Kapoor, C. Depondt, J. M. Lynch, I. E. Scheffer, A. Heils, A. Gehrmann, P. Kinirons, S. Gandhi, P. Satishchandra, N. W. Wood, A. Anand, T. Sander, S. F. Berkovic, N. Delanty, D. B. Goldstein and S. M. Sisodiya, A multicenter study of BRD2 as a risk factor for Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy, Epilepsia 48, 706 - 712 (2007).

  19. G. S. Shekhwat, M. Ramshankar, R. Jalvi, R. Rangasayee and A. Anand, Implications of disclosing auditory genetic mutation to a family: A case study, International Journal of Audiology 46, 384 - 387 (2007).

  20. G. V. Pavan Kumar, S. Sruthi, B. Vibha, B. A. Ashok Reddy, T. K. Kundu and N. Chandrabhas, Hot spots in Ag core-Au shell nanoparticles potent for surface enhanced Raman scattering studies of biomolecules, J Phys Chem. C 111, 4388 - 4392 (2007).

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