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  1. Gayathri P, Balaram H and Murthy MRN, Structural biology of plasmodial proteins, current opinion in structural biology 17, 744 - 754 (2007).

  2. Mehrotra S and Balaram H,  Kinetic characterization of adenylosuccinate synthetase from the thermophilic archaea Methanocaldococcus jannaschii, Biochemistry 46, 12821 - 12832 (2007).

  3. Srinivasan B and Balaram H, ISN1 nucleotidases and HAD superfamily protein fold: in silico sequence and structure analysis, In silico Biology 7, 0019 (2007).

  4. Sabareesh V, Ranganayaki RS, Raghothama S, Bopanna MP, Balaram H, Srinivasan MC and Balaram P, Identification and characterization of a library of microheterogeneous cyclohexadepsipeptides from the fungus Isaria, journal of natural products 70, 715 - 729 (2007).

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