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  2. J. Dinesh, C. Deepak, S. Kavitha, M. Inamdar and M. Eswaramoorthy, Carbon spheres assisted synthesis of porous bioactive glass containing hydroxycarbonate apatite nanocrystals: A material with  high in vitro bioactivity, J. Phys. Chem. C 112, 7379 - 7384 (2008).

  3. Robyn M.B. Loureiro, Kelli-Ann Monaco, Joseph B. Kearney, Courtney E. Blickarz-Durand, Suzanne L. Kirby, Maneesha S. Inamdar and Victoria L. Bautch, CSF-1 is Required for Early Embryonic Macrophage Development: Characterization of the csfmop/csfmop Mutation in ES cell-derived Macrophages, British Journal of Hematology 141, 739 - 742 (2008).

  4. D. Das, D. Ashoka, A. Rajaguru and M. S. Inamdar, Gene expression analysis in post-embryonic pericardial cells of Drosophila, Gene expression patterns 8, 199 - 205 (2008).

  5. D. Das, T. C. Rajaguru and M. S. Inamdar, Post-embryonic pericardial cells of Drosophila are required for overcoming toxic stress but not for cardiac function or adult development, Cell and Tissue Research 331, 565 - 570 (2008).

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