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M. R. S. RaoKaustuv SanyalNamita SuroliaJames P. Clement ChelliahRavi Manjithaya


  1. Chathoth KT, Ganesan G and Rao MR, Identification of a novel nucleolin related protein (NRP) gene expressed during rat spermatogenesis, BMC Mol Biol. 1, 10 - 64 (2009).

  2. Kolthur-Seetharam U, Pradeepa MM, Gupta N, Narayanaswamy R and Rao MR., Spatiotemporal organization of AT- and GC-rich DNA and their association with transition proteins TP1 and TP2 in rat condensing spermatids, J Histochem Cytochem 57, 951 - 962 (2009).

  3. Pradeepa MM,, Nikhil G,, Hari Kishore A,, Bharath GN,, Kundu TK, and Rao MR., Acetylation of transition protein 2 (TP2) by KAT3B (p300) alters its DNA condensation property and interaction with putative histone chaperone NPM3, J Biol Chem 284, 29956 - 67 (2009).

  4. Vimaleswaran KS,, Radha V,, Jayapriya MG,, Ghosh S,, Majumder PP,, Rao MR, and Mohan V., Evidence for an association with type 2 diabetes mellitus at the PPARG locus in a South Indian population, Metabolism 59, 457 - 62 (2009).

  5. Vimaleswaran KS,, Radha V,, Ghosh S,, Majumder PP,, Rao MR, and Mohan V., A Haplotype at the UCP1 Gene Locus Contributes to Genetic Risk for Type 2 Diabetes in Asian Indians (CURES-72). , Metab Syndr Relat Disord. 8, 63 - 8 (2009).

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