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  1. Arivazhagan Arimappamagan, Kumaravel Somasundaram , ...... and Manchanahalli R. Sathyanarayana Rao, A Fourteen Gene GBM Prognostic Signature Identifies Association of Immune Response Pathway and Mesenchymal Subtype with High Risk Group, Plos One 8, (2013).

  2. Verma, G., & Surolia, N. (2013). < i> Plasmodium falciparum CENH3 is able to functionally complement Cse4p and its, C-terminus is essential for centromere function. Molecular and biochemical parasitology, molecular and biochemical parasitology (2013).

  3. James P Clement, Emin D Ozkan, Massimilano Aceti, Courtney A Miller and Gavin Rumbaugh, SYNGAP1 links the maturation rate of excitatory synapses to the duration of critical period synaptic plasticity, Journal of Neuroscience 25, 10447 - 52 (2013).

  4. Ramana LN, Sharma S, Sethuraman S, Ranga U, Krishnan UM, Evaluation of chitosan nanoformulations as potent anti-HIV therapeutic systems, Biochim Biophys Acta (2013).

  5. Chaudhary S, Bansal C, Ranga U, Singh K, Erythrodermic mycosis fungoides with hypereosinophilic syndrome: a rare presentation, Ecancermedicalscience (2013).

  6. Asokan M, Lone IN, Mukthey AB, Siddhartha P, Mariappa G, Kotehal PK, Satish B, Wilson E, Sahayam S, Velayutham G, Perumal R, Baskaran K, Rengarajan D, Muthusamy R, Philip M, Ravindra KC, Basha JN, Mizar P, Kaur G, Mehra NK, Kundu TK, Subbakrishna DK, Evident stabilization of the clinical profile in HIV/AIDS as evaluated in an open label clinical trial using a polyherbal formulation, Indian J Med Res (2013).

  7. Rao VR, Neogi U, Talboom JS, Padilla L, Rahman M, Fritz-French C, Gonzalez-Ramirez S, Verma A, Wood C, Ruprecht RM, Ranga U, Azim T, Joska J, Eugenin E, Shet A, Bimonte-Nelson H, Tyor WR, Prasad VR., Clade C HIV-1 isolates circulating in Southern Africa exhibit a greater frequency of dicysteine motif-containing Tat variants than those in Southeast Asia and cause increased neurovirulence, Retrovirology (2013).

  8. Aiyappan SK, Ranga U, Veeraiyan S, Incidentally detected isolated unilateral pulmonary artery agenesis, J Clin Diagn Res (2013).

  9. Ranga U, Aiyappan SK, Shanmugam N, Veeraiyan S, Ochronotic spondyloarthropathy, J Biol Chem (2013).

  10. Mahadevan A, Ramalingaiah AH, Parthasarathy S, Nath A, Ranga U, Krishna SS, Neuropathological correlate of the "concentric target sign" in MRI of HIV-associated cerebral toxoplasmosis, J Magn Reson Imaging (2013).

  11. Lukasz Kozubowski*^, Vikas Yadav*, Gautam Chatterjee, Shreyas Sridhar, Masashi Yamaguchi, Susumu Kawamoto, Indrani Bose, Joseph Heitman and Kaustuv Sanyal^, Ordered kinetochore assembly in the human fungal pathogen basidiomycetous yeast Cryptococcus neoformans, mBio 4(5), (2013).

  12. Rustam Ali, Sanjeev Kumar, Hemalatha Balaram and Siddhartha Sarma, Solution Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Structure of the GATase Subunit and Structural Basis of the Interaction between GATase and ATPPase Subunits in a two-subunit-type GMPS from Methanocaldococcus jannaschii, Biochemistry 52, 4308 - 4323 (2013).

  13. Uttara Chakraborty,, Aiyaz Mohamed, Pallavi Kakade, Raja Mugasimangalam, Parag P. Sadhale and Kaustuv Sanyal, A stable hybrid containing haploid genomes of two obligate diploid Candida species, Eukaryotic Cell 12, 1061 - 1071 (2013).

  14. Jitendra Thakur and Kaustuv Sanyal, Efficient neocentromere formation is suppressed by gene conversion to maintain centromere function at native physical chromosomal loci in Candida albicans, Genome Research 23, 638 - 652 (2013).

  15. Babhrubahan Roy, Neha Varshney, Vikas Yadav and Kaustuv Sanyal, The process of kinetochore assembly in yeasts, FEMS Microbiology Letters 338, 107 - 117 (2013).

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