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  2. James P Clement, Massimiliano Aceti, Thomas K Creson, Emin D Ozkan, Yulin Shi, Nicholas J Reish, Antoine G Almonte, Brooke H Miller, Brian J Wiltgen, Courtney A Miller, Xiangmin Xu and Gavin Rumbaugh, Pathogenic SYNGAP1 mutations impair cognitive development by disrupting the maturation of dendritic spines, Cell 151, 709 - 723 (2012).

  3. James P Clement, Andrew D Randall and Jonathan T Brown, mGluR1 activity generates persistent, NMDA receptor-dependent, depression of hippocampal pyramidal cell excitability, European Journal of Neuroscience 12, 2347 - 2362 (2009).

  4. Raghav Rajan, James P Clement and Upinder S Bhalla, Rats smell in stereo, Science 311, 666 - 670 (2006).

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