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Sebastian C PeterGovindaraju TSubi Jacob GeorgeKanishka Biswas
Sridhar RajaramJayanta Haldar


  1. S. C. Peter and R. Pöttgen, The stannides TmAgSn and LuAgSn, Z. Anorg. Allg. Chem. 630, 1757 - 1760 (2004).

  2. S. C. Peter, S. Pai, N. Sharanappa and C. V. V. Satyanarayana, Regio selective butylation of toluene on mordenite catalysts: influence of acidity, J. Mol. Cat. A: Chemical 223, 305 - 310 (2004).

  3. T. Mathew, S. Shylesh, S. N. Reddy, S. C. Peter, S. K. Date, B. S. Rao and S. D. Kulkarni, Redistribution of cations amongst different lattice sites in Cu1-xCoxFe2O4 ferrospinels during alkylation: magnetic study.   , Cat. Lett. 93, 155 - 160 (2004).

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