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  1. M. B. Avinash, and T. Govindaraju, Nanoarchitectonics of biomolecular assemblies for functional applications (Invited Feature Article), Nanoscale 6, 13348 - 13369 (2014).

  2. N. Narayanaswamy, M. Kumar, S. Das, R. Sharma, P. K. Samanta, S. K. Pati, S. K. Dhar, T. K. Kundu and T. Govindaraju, A Thiazole Coumarin (TC) Turn-On Fluorescence Probe for AT-Base Pair Detection and Multipurpose Applications in Different Biological Systems, Sci. Rep 4, 6476 (2014).

  3. M. Pandeeswar, H. Khare, S. Ramakumar, and T. Govindaraju, Biomimetic molecular organization of naphthalene diimide in the solid state: tunable (chiro-) optical, viscoelastic and nanoscale properties, RSC Adv 4, 20154 - 20163 (2014).

  4. D. Maity, A. Raj, P. K. Samanta, D. Karthigeyan, T. K. Kundu, S. K. Pati and T. Govindaraju, A probe for ratiometric near-infrared fluorescence and colorimetric hydrogen sulfide detection and imaging in live cells, RSC Adv 4, 11147 - 11151 (2014).

  5. K. Rajasekhar, N. Narayanaswamy,P. Mishra, S. N. Suresh, R. Manjithaya and T. Govindaraju, Synthesis of hybrid cyclic peptoids and identification of autophagy enhancer (Invited Articlefor “Early Career Series”.), ChemPlusChem 79, 25 - 30 (2014).

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