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  1. U. Subbarao, M. K. Amshumali, B Loukya, D. K. Singh, R. Datta, V. S. Marakkatti and S. C. Peter, Size and Morphology Controlled NiSe Nanoparticles as Efficient Catalyst for the Reduction Reactions, J. Solid State Chem 244, 84 - 92 (2016).

  2. U. Subbarao, S. Roy, S. Ch. Sarma, S. Sarkar, V. Mishra, Y. Khulbe and S. C. Peter, Metal Flux Growth, Structural Relations and Physical Properties of EuCu2Ge2 and Eu3T2In9 (T = Cu and Ag), Inorg. Chem 55, 10351 - 10360 (2016).

  3. R. Jana, A. Bhim, P. Bothra, S. K. Pati and S. C. Peter, Manipulating Hydrogen Adsorption Energy and d-band Centre through Electrochemical Dealloying of PdCu3 Nanoparticle to Achieve Pt-like Activity for Hydrogen Evolution Reaction, ChemSusChem 9, 1 - 7 (2016).

  4. R. Jana, S. Dhiman and S. C. Peter, Facile solvothermal synthesis of highly active and robust Pd1.87Cu0.11Sn electrocatalyst towards direct ethanol fuel cell applications, Materials Research Express 3, 084001 - 084006 (2016).

  5. S. Roy, O. B. Chanu, S. Sarkar and S. C. Peter, Colorimetric Selective Cu2+ Detection by Lanthanide based Hybrid Complexes Associated with a Single Crystal Growth Mediated Transformation, J. Mater. Chem. C 4, 6256 - 6269 (2016).

  6. Udumula Subbarao, Sumanta Sarkar, Rajkumar Jana, Saurav K. Bera and Sebastian C. Peter, Enhanced Air Stability in REPb3 (RE = Rare earths) by Dimensional Reduction Mediated Valence Transition, Inorg. Chem 55, 5603 - 5611 (2016).

  7. V. Marakatti and S. C. Peter, Nickel-Antimony Nanoparticles Confined in SBA-15 as a Highly Efficient Catalyst for the Hydrogenation of Nitroarenes, New J. Chem. 40, 5448 - 5454 (2016).

  8. R. Jana and S. C. Peter,  One-Pot Solvothermal Synthesis of Ordered Intermetallic Pt2In3 as Stable and Efficient Electrocatalyst Towards Direct Alcohol Fuel Cell Application, J. Solid State Chem 242, 133 - 139 (2016).

  9. K. Dileep, R. Sahu, S. Sarkar, S. C. Peter and R. Dutta, Layer specific optical band gap measurement at nanoscale in MoS2 and ReS2 van der Waals compounds by high resolution electron energy loss spectroscopy, J. Appl. Phys. 119, 114309 - 114314 (2016).

  10. S. Roy, S. Sarkar, J. Pan, U. V. Waghmare, R. Dhanya, C. Narayana and S. C. Peter, Crystal Structure and Band Gap Engineering in Polyoxometalate Based Inorganic-Organic Hybrids, Inorg. Chem 55, 3364 - 3377 (2016).

  11. S. Sarkar, R. Borah, A. L. Santhosha, R. Dhanya, C. Narayana, A. Bhattacharyya and S. C. Peter, Heterostructure Composites of rGO/GeO2/PANI with Enhanced Performance for Li ion Battery Anode Material, J. Power Sources 306, 791 - 800 (2016).

  12. U. Subbarao, S. Rayaprol, R. Dally, M. Graf and S. C. Peter, Swinging Symmetry, Multiple Structural Phase Transitions and Versatile Physical Properties in RECuGa3 (RE = La-Nd, Sm-Gd), Inorg. Chem 666 - 675 (2016).

  13. Y. Sorb, V. Rajaji, P. Malavi, U. Subbarao, P. Halappa, S. Karmakar, S. C. Peter and C. Narayana, Pressure induced electronic topological transition in Sb2S3, J. Phys. Condens. Matter 28 , 015602 - 015608 (2016).

  14. U. Subbarao, S. Sarkar and B. Joseph, Magnetic and X-ray Absorption Studies on the RE5X2Sb6 (RE = Eu, Yb; X = Al, Ga, In) Compounds, J. Alloys Compd. 658, 395 - 401 (2016).

  15. D. Mumbaraddi, S. Sarkar and S. C. Peter, A Review on the Synthesis, Crystal Growth, Structure and Physical Properties of Rare Earth based Quaternary Intermetallic Compounds, J. Solid State Chem 236, 094 - 115 (2016).

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