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  1. A R Rajamani, P C Ashly, Lakshay Dheer, Saurav Ch Sarma, Sumanta Sarkar, Umesh V Waghmare and Sebastian C Peter, Synergetic Effect of Ni Substituted Pd2Ge Ordered Intermetallic Nanocomposites for Efficient Electrooxidation of Ethanol in Alkaline Media, ACS Applied Energy Materials (2019). In Press.

  2. C K Sumesh and Sebastian C Peter, Two-dimensional semiconductor transition metal based chalcogenide based heterostructures for water splitting applications, Dalton Trans (2019). In Press.

  3. Savitha Satyanarayana, Saurav Ch Sarma, Sebastian C Peter, Sarbari Bhattacharya and , Magnetic characterization of nano-sized terbium doped bismuth ferrite synthesized by sol-gel method, J. Magn. Magn. Mater. 491, 165571 - 165576 (2019).

  4. Badri Vishal, Sharona Horta, Usha Bhat, Abhishek Paul, M. B. Sreedhara, Rajaji Vincent, Saurav Ch. Sarma, Chandrabhas Narayana, Sebastian C. Peter, Ranjan Datta and , Growth of ReS2 thin films by pulsed laser deposition, Thin Solid Films (2019). In Press.

  5. Sahil Tippireddy, Prem Kumar D. S., Anirudha Karati, Anbalagan Ramakrishnan, Shreya Sarkar, Sebastian C. Peter, P. Malar, Kuei-Hsien Chen, B. S. Murty and Ramesh Chandra Mallik, The Effect of Sn Substitution on the Thermoelectric Properties of Synthetic Tetrahedrite, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces (2019). In Press.

  6. Jemini Jose, A. R. Rajamani, Anandaram Sreekanth, Sujin P Jose, Sebastian C. Peter and Sreeja P. B., Photophysical and Electrochemical Studies of Anchored Chromium (III) Complex on Reduced Graphene Oxide via Diazonium Chemistry, Applied Organometallic Chemistry (2019). In Press.

  7. Durga Sankar Vavilapalli, Ambrose A. Melwin, Kavita S., A. K. Yadav, S. N. Jha, D. Bhattacharyya, Saurav Ch. Sarma, Sebastian C. Peter and Shubra Singh, Multifunctional brownmillerite KBiFe2O5: Structural, magento-dielectric, optical, photoelectrochemical studies and enhanced photocatalytic activity over perovskite BiFeO3, Journal of Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 200, 109940 - 109945 (2019).

  8. Sankaran Esakki Muthu, Daniel Braithwaite, Bernard Salce, Sonachalam Arumugam, L. Govindaraj, Moorthi Kanagaraj, Sumanta Sarkar and Sebastian C. Peter, Calorimetric study on EuCoGe3 and EuRh2In8 under pressure, J. Phy. Soc. Japan (2019). In Press.

  9. V Rajaji, Raagya Arora, Saurav Ch. Sarma, Boby Joseph, Umesh V. Waghmare, Sebastian C. Peter and Chandrabhas Narayana, Phonon signatures of multiple topological quantum phase transitions in compressed TlBiS2: A combined experimental and theoretical study, Phys. Rev. B (2019). In Press.

  10. Utsav Kumar Dey, Nabadyuti Barman, Shubham Ghosh, Shreya Sarkar, Sebastian C. Peter and premkumar Senguttuvan, Topochemical Bottom-Up Synthesis of 2D-and 3D-Sodium Iron Fluoride Frameworks, Chem. Mater. 31, 295 - 299 (2019).

  11. Shivani Boodram, Soumyabrata Roy, Nadia Singh, Richard A. Fairman, Sebastian C. Peter and Varma H rambaran, Investigations into an Intramolecular Proton Transfer and Solvent Dependent Acid‐Base Equilibria in 2, 6‐Pyridine Diacetic Acid, Chemistry Select 4, 4301 - 4307 (2019).

  12. M. Kanagaraj, Amit Pawbake, Saurav Ch. Sarma, V Rajaji, Chandrabhas Narayana, Marie-Aude Measson and Sebastian C. Peter, Structural, magnetotransport and Hall coefficient studies in ternary Bi2Te2Se, Sb2Te2Se and Bi2Te2S tetradymite topological insulating compounds, J. Alloys Compd. (2019). In Press.

  13. V. Rajaji, S. Janaky, S. C. Sarma, S. C. Peter and S. C. Peter, Pressure induced topological and structural phase transitions in 1T-TiSe2: A Raman study, J. Phys. Condens. Matter 31, 165401 - 165404 (2019).

  14. Saurav C. Sarma, Vidyanshu Mishra, Vamseedhara Vemuri and Sebastian C Peter, “Sacrificial Protection in Action!”- Ultra-High Stability in Palladesite Mineral towards Oxygen Reduction Reaction, J. Mater. Chem. A 7, 979 - 984 (2019).

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