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K. B. SinhaKavita JainSubir K. Das


  1. Pramod Kumar and N. S. Vidhyadhiraja, From mixed valence to the Kondo lattice regime, Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 23, 485601 (2011).

  2. A. Taraphder, S. Koley, N. S. Vidhyadhiraja and Mukul. S. Laad,  Preformed excitonic liquid route to charge density wave in 2H-TaSe 2, Physical Review letters 106, 236405 (2011).

  3. K. Mallikarjuna Rao, Bhuvana Thiruvelu, Radha. B, Narendra Kurra, N. S. Vidhyadhiraja and G. U. Kulkarni, Metallic Conduction in NiS2 Nanocrystalline Structures, Journal of Physical Chemistry 115, 10462 - 10467 (2011).

  4. H. Barman and N. S. Vidhyadhiraja, Transport and Spectra in the half-filled Hubbard model: A dynamical mean-field study, International Journal of Modern Physics B 25, 2461 - 2479 (2011).

  5. Sabyasachi Mukhopadhyay, Rakesh Voggu, C. N. R. Rao, N. S. Vidhyadhiraja and K. S. Narayan, Lateral photocurrent scanning of donor and acceptor polymers on graphene coated substrates, Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 50, 061602 (2011).

  6. D. Parihari, N. S. Vidhyadhiraja and A. Taraphder, Field dependent dynamics in the metallic regime of the half-filled Hubbard model, Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 23, 055602 (2011).

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