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Umesh V. WaghmareSrikanth SastrySwapan PatiShobhana NarasimhanVidhyadhiraja N. S.
K. B. SinhaKavita JainSubir K. Das


  1. Subir K. Das and Kurt Binder, Thermodynamic properties of a symmetrical binary mixture in the coexistence region, Physical Review E 84, 061607 (2011).

  2. Subir K. Das and Kurt Binder, Universal Critical Behavior of Curvature Dependent Interfacial Tension, Physical Review Letters 107, 235702 (2011).

  3. Subir K. Das, Young C. Kim and Michael E. Fisher, When is a Conductor not Perfect? Sum Rules fail under Critical Fluctuations, Physical Review Letters 107, 215701 (2011).

  4. Suman Majumder and Subir K. Das, Universality in Fluid Domain Coarsening: The case of vapor-liquid transition, Europhysics Letters 95, 46002 (2011).

  5. Kurt Binder, Benjamin J. Block, Subir K. Das, Peter Virnau and David Winter, Monte Carlo Methods for Estimating Interfacial Free Energies and Line Tensions, Journal of Statistical Physics 144, 690 - 729 (2011).

  6. Suman Majumder and Subir K. Das, Diffusive Domain Coarsening : Early-Time Dynamics and Finite-Size Effects, Physical Review E 84, 021110 (2011).

  7. Sutapa Roy and Subir K. Das, Transport Phenomena in Fluids: Finite-size scaling for critical behavior, Europhysics Letters 94, 36001 (2011).

  8. Subir K. Das and Kurt Binder, Simulation of Binary Fluids Exposed to Selectively Adsorbing Walls: A Method to Estimate Contact Angles and Line Tensions, Molecular Physics 109, 1043 - 1056 (2011).

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