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  1. Gopan, N. and Meheboob Alam, End-wall effects and the multiplicity of states in compressible Taylor-Couette flow of a dense gas, (2019).

  2. Meheboob Alam and Saha, S., Generalized Fourier law in a sheared granular gas: anisotropy and asymmetry of thermal-, Dufour-, cumulant- and stress-conductivity tensors, (2019).

  3. Aghor, P and Meheboob Alam, Multi-roll transition and anomalous vortices in axisymmetric compressible Taylor-Couette flow, (2019).

  4. Saha, S. and Meheboob Alam, Nonlinear 14-moment theory for dense granular and gas-solid suspensions: from Burnett to Navier-Stokes order, (2019).

  5. Saha, S. and Meheboob Alam, Co-existing states, second-moment anisotropy and Burnett-order constitutive relations in sheared dense gas-solid suspensions, (2019).

  6. Rongali, R and Meheboob Alam,   Higher-order nonlinear moment theory for a binary granular gas, Physical Review E (2019).

  7. Ramesh, P., Bharadwaj, S and Meheboob Alam, Suspension Taylor-Couette flow: coexistence of stationary and travelling waves, and the characteristics of Taylor vortices and spirals, Journal of Fluid Mechanics 870, 901 - 940 (2019).

  8. Meheboob Alam, Saha, S. and Gupta, R., Unified theory for a sheared gas-solid suspension: from rapid granular suspension to its small-Stokes-number limit, Journal of Fluid Mechanics 870, 1175 - 1193 (2019).

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