Faculty Members

Name: Sreenivas K. R. (Chair, Professor)
Email: krsATjncasrDOTacDOTin
Contact Number: 2208- 2836 / 2837 / 2873
Unit: EMU
Our Group is currently working on the unsteady aerodynamics of insect flight, the role of radiative heat transfer in the nocturnal atmospheric surface layer, double-diffusive finger-convection, the dynamics of hydraulic jumps, microphysics of cloud development....Read More...

Name: Ganesh Subramanian (Associate Professor)
Email: sganeshATjncasrDOTacDOTin
Contact Number: 2208- 2896
Unit: EMU
A major theme relates to modeling transport processes in complex fluids. Topics of interest include the orientation dynamics of anisotropic particles in shearing flows, evolution of sedimenting particulate clusters, and fluid dynamics of microbial suspensions....Read more...

Name: Meheboob Alam (Professor)
Email: meheboobATjncasrDOTacDOTin
Contact Number: 2208- 2801
Unit: EMU
Granular materials, a collection of macroscopic particles, are important in chemical processing and pharmaceutical industries, as well as in geophysical contexts, such as avalanches, volcanic eruptions, and sand dunes. Flowing granular materials belong to the class.....Read More...

Name: Narasimha Roddam (DST Year-of-Science Professor)
Email: roddamATjncasrDOTacDOTin
Contact Number: 2208- 2951 / 2999
Unit: EMU
My major interests have been in the fluid dynamical problems associated with aerospace and atmospheric sciences. A connecting link between the two is that of turbulent fluid flow, which plays an important role in both fields. In aerospace problems, recent interest has focused on multiple transitions between laminar and turbulent flow....Read More...

Name: Rama Govindarajan (Professor (on lien))
Email: ramaATjncasrDOTacDOTin
Contact Number:
Unit: EMU
For Newtonian fluids in relatively simple geometries, laminar flow is well-studied, both, experimentally, and theoretically. We know a lot about the statistical characteristics of homogeneous isotropic turbulence, but not so much about the turbulence in shear flows that occur all.....Read More...

Name: Santosh Ansumali (Faculty Fellow)
Email: ansumaliATjncasrDOTacDOTin
Contact Number: 2208- 2938
Unit: EMU
MESOSCALE SIMULATION ALGORITHMS The creation of simplified minimal molecular dynamics for realistic applications has emerged as an important branch of modern computational statistical physics. The ultimate goal is to....Read More...
Name: Dr. Diwakar S. Venkatesan
Email: diwakarATjncasrDOTacDOTin
Contact Number:080-2208-2828
Unit: EMU

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