Gitanjali Ghei: The girl who conquered death

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After the famous book of Tagore

I wish and pray

Oh! Help me God

I so live that...

I live up to the name.

(NOTE: Gitanjali was extremely sensitive about her name and once actually fought with her mother for naming her after the great work by Tagore. She always felt that she had to live up to that name.)




My friends

I smile and

Bid you goodbye

No, shed no tears

For I need them not

All I need is your smile.

If you feel sad

Do think of me

For that's what I'll like

When you live in the hearts

Of those you love

Remember then...

You never die.


Tender is the age.

Tender are the thoughts

and if someone treads on them

It will only break my heart.

Before the dreams can

Wake and scream

for the freedom of thought,

the pain entwines itself

around my wakeful hours.

Youth, beauty and


all three hand-in-hand,

feel crushed

against their fate and

their wounded pride


When you caress me

Fondly and kiss me

With thine eyes

Iím afraid, I may

Break down and

Drown you in the


Every moment

Of my life

I know not

What may happen


All I desire

And want is

You should be there,


I meet my end.

When the actual

time of parting


Be brave, and

Do not fear.

Just be near me

And hold my hand

With utter trust

Give in to HIM

And let me too

Die with dignity


Dear God:

Please hear my prayer

Give me the strength

To accept your will

And forgive me for

My sins if any.

If you think it fit

To take me

Then please give

Strength and courage

To those who love me

And help me

Not to rail in self-pity.

Asking why?

But to have faith

And to know that

Your will is best

Help me!

Oh, please help me

To trust you

Not from fear but

Because of Love and Faith


When the sun sets

With it appear

The shadows of the night.

Along comes

The Darkness

And then

The stars appear bright.

Grief brings

Glimpses of truth

And reality.

Each sorrow

Takes us few steps

Nearer to

The Promised Land of Destiny

There is no failure

On this road

People can let you down

He will not.


When sorrow, grief

And pain are near

And when you know

You are going to lose

Some one most dear

Itís time to reach out

For His hand

For He alone knows

What is right

Trust Him and

Leave all else aside.

He has thousand ways

His love and help to show

Soon you will tread

With steadfast feet

With fears and doubts

Left far behind

You are not alone

In this world so wide

Who is afflicted alone

Raise your eyes

And you will find

The reflection of your agony

In many more

Thus it will help you

To bear your loss

And with courage

Face the world

With a smile.


I am being used

by God like a


One moment He caresses me

Like a fond child,

next minute

He grasps me firmly

and strikes.

A sharp quick blow

that wrings me with


torturing me by

pulling at my

heart strings

in vain.

And just when I am

about to snap,

He rests my head

with warmth on His chest.

Softly and tenderly

He holds me to His heart

and wipes away my tears

to replace them with



On the sea shore

I often go

To watch the waves

Come and go,

The waves wash

The pebbles bright:

I pick them up, in turn,

To find the one

Which I like the most.

Joyfully I bring it home.

We, too, are like these pebbles

On the sea shore of life

And when God wants

He takes us away.

Whether it is day or night,

Whenever we feel proud

Of our possessions

He comes.

Why deny God his choice?


My eyes are


Under the


Where from

Your message

Will come.

In a feverish


Iíll grab

The letter,

And hold it


My throbbing


What you have to say,

Is up to you.

What my eyes will scan for,

Is up to me.


I trust you


Oh my dear dear God

Though the sorrows

Keep falling

Like the rain drops.

I trust Thee


Though You have

Betrayed my trust

And refused me

All that I yearn for.

The Xmas is here

There is music

In the air

I have but

Sweet old memories

Tapered with love and care

Which I now unfold

With great pain and

Much sorrow.

Cry I will never

Weep I will not

I left these stupid

Emotions behind me

For a long time now.

This mighty


Sea of Death

Does pass a shudder

Through me I confess

I sway at the thought of it

But dear God

Your nearness holds me

In a grip.

Isnít it amazing

For I trust you



When too much of sun

Withers the flowers

Then the nature takes its course

The rain comes bouncing

Hither and Thither

And everything is in chaos.

The sun takes shelter

Behind the clouds

While the clouds hang

Frighteningly thick and black

But fear not my frail soul

For this is the journey of life.

The joy the sorrow

The cry the laughter

Each follows like

Day follows the night

Donít lose your heart

Stay firm and take

Everything in good stride.

The sky will clear

The sun will shine

The trees will look bathed

The birds will chirp happily

And so will your heart

And the rainbow will appear bright.

Pain and sorrow

Tears and smile

The ups and downs


If there was no contrast

You would never appreciate

The good things of life.


When my time comes

For the departure

Reluctantly though

Iíll bid you goodbye.

Is there any other choice?

But, I often wonder

Who will be unlucky

I who will die

Or you life

Who will be denied

the fullness of life.


My life is

Like a tide

One minute

The hope


The next minute

Itís low.

Who knows

Who can tell

When it might

Finally be

No more.

Please unlock

The gates of your


And let my love

Flow in.

I may warm and


Change your heart

For me.

Just once

Oh! please

Just once

Show up

Now that

The time is

Running out...

When will you come?

When the clock

Cannot be

Put back??

Youíll not be

Any poorer

If you at least

Write to me

My eyes

Long to see

The words

Which you havenít

Uttered to me.

(NOTE: Gitanjali's parents had separated and she stayed with her mother. During her illness, she fervently hoped that her father would visit her, or at least write to her, something that never happened. Keep this in mind while reading the next poem.)


Iíll let you into a secret

Thereís a kind soul I know

Who dwells in my heart

Itís from him that I gain

My strength, courage and hope

He keeps kindling my heart

With each cherished glance

Itís fuel of his love that

Makes my heart glow.

He sits up beside me

With my head cradled in his arms

He tells me lovely tales

And warms up my shattered heart

He takes my cares away

And soothes my aching heart

His heart bleeds within his soul

He tries his best to act

But he little knows about

His bul-bul

That she chirps


To make him feel swell.


Break my heart

Break it God

Break it,

If you must.

Break it

In a way

No one should

Get hurt

My pain I can

Bear it


Bear it

With a smile

What I can not

Bear, is the pain

In their eyes.

Those who love me

And suffer as much

Break my heart

Break it God

But, please,

Do be just.


Gitanjali is dead

Gitanjali is dead

People are whispering around

A horror of shock

but the moment of truth

Thatís all

Itís all about.

Foolish are those

Who shed tears

Mingled with sorrow and pain

Little do they realize

The joy that is mine

Free of torture

Free of pain

And free of guilt

That shook my faith

I am now at the threshold

Of my life to start afresh

A new lease of life...

The time stands still

The eternity has passed

Gitanjali the child has passed

The mother looks down

Upon the much loved

Blood drained face

Tears trickling down her face

Go my love,

Go my child

She sighs

Iíll be sad

Iíll be lonely

Iíll be miserable without you

But Iím glad and thankful

To Him the merciful that

At last you my child are at rest.


In the core

Of my heart

Deep waves

Of sorrow


I try my best

To hide

My feelings

But sometimes

They overflow.

My hopes


No more


Bright thoughts

For the morrow.

They mock at

The sadness

And chide with

My weary heart.

The aching void

Within my soul

Whispers to me


Peace be upon you



One thing Iím trying to say with my work is: care for the dead. Our feelings donot stop just because a person is dead.

In everyone of us there is a little bit of a dreamer, the poet. We are a composition of all these things and when the feelings lie low and we are caught in sad, heart-breaking situations then somehow, somewhere suddenly a song is born. Just like a rainbow appears after rain.

My chances are very bleak, but may be not. I wasnít supposed to survive the last bout, so who knows? Its true, Iím not frightened, I donot fear death, I do fear dying. I think the thing that I fear most is the indignity - that is possible at the time of death.

I am no doubt scared, Iím scared to death. But, Iím not going to sit down and brood about what may or may not happen. My illness is [a] very small part of my life, what is important in my life is life, and Iím going to live it to the best of my ability in the allotted amount that God has given me.

The tragedy of life (or those who are alive) is when love dies inside a man while he lives on.

In the prime of my youth I had to accept the aloneness as my "birthright", I felt alone despite the fact that I never was left alone. The windows of my eyes and the doors of my soul were always left open. Then came a time, a stage when my inside loneliness ate up the fear of aloneness. I managed to get on top of my hurt. And finally grew up.

Try to recognize the subtle reflections of the power which does not scream to be recognized and yet it cannot be overlooked nor denied. The fact is that there is some supreme power behind all that you see. Look up at the high unknown skies, plunge into the depth of yourself, and try to connect the unknown with the known.


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