Faculty Members

Name: Amitabh Joshi (Professor)
Email: ajoshiATjncasrDOTacDOTin
Contact Number: 2208- 2802 / 2803
Unit: EIBU
My principal interest is in trying to better appreciate and understand adaptive evolution as a dynamic process in which the interaction of the ecology and genetics of a population shapes its evolution. I am also interested in understanding the dynamics of population....Read more...

Name: Vidya T. N. C. (Associate Professor / Chairperson)
Email: tncvidyaATjncasrDOTacDOTin
Contact Number: 2208- 2968
Unit: EIBU
I am primarily interested in animal behaviour and sociogenetics, as well as phylogeography. The behaviour of social animals is a complex response to the physical environment, as well as to interactions with conspecifics, which may offer inclusive fitness benefits or may....Read More...

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