Ph. D., Int. Ph.D., M.S.

Ph. D., Int. Ph.D., and M.S. students are admitted to work in the areas of Chronobiology, Evolutionary Genetics, Population Ecology, Animal Behaviour, Phylogeography, and Behavioural Neurogenetics. Int. Ph.D. and M.S. students are required to do coursework and labwork in all the research areas in the Unit.


If you are a prospective student, you can find more information about the kind of research being done in these areas by looking at the the faculty web pages under People - Faculty. Or, for more details, please email the faculty you are interested in working with.


Basically, we are looking for students who are (a) interested in one of these areas, (b) logical/analytical in their thinking, and (c) willing to work really hard. Background is not important: the three qualities listed above are. We are happy to consider students from any background: biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, statistics, engineering, medicine, computers.


All these areas are conceptually rich, with a considerable underpinning of formal theory. Experimental work in these areas is fairly time consuming and labour intensive, and involves bizarre working hours. The reward is working in areas at the very core of biology, looking at fundamental questions regarding adaptation and time.

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