Project Oriented Biological Education

As part of Science Outreach, the Centre is initiating the Project Oriented Biological Education programme (POBE) for undergraduate students. The programme will be conducted during summer for a period of 6 to 8 weeks. Students are expected to work at the Centre for three such periods and upon completion will receive certificates from the Centre. Those currently studying in I year BSc (any science stream) are eligible to apply. Selected students will be paid a monthly scholarship of Rs. 5000.


The programme is conceived of as an adjunct to, and not a replacement for, the body of factual information students typically imbibe during their undergraduate curriculum in biology. In POBE, our focus is on equipping students with the conceptual, experimental and inferential tools that will help them in subsequent research work. We will introduce students to an integrated view of living systems, highlighting common underlying concepts and mechanisms, and emphasizing that interesting questions in biology can be approached simultaneously at various levels of structural organization, using a whole range of tools and techniques. Practical work will be integrative and emphasize the use of modern tools, data analyses, and experimental design to solve problems. An attempt will also be made to tie up this programme with some exposure to active research areas in biology today, as the students will undertake a research project in their third year under the direct supervision and mentoring of our faculty members.

The announcement will appear in the media and on our website around December each year. For further details please write to,

The Coordinator,
Science Outreach Programme,
Bangalore 560 064.

The programme is organised by Prof. Anuranjan Anand and Prof. Amitabh Joshi, and will be conducted by biology faculty at JNCASR, with participation from faculty of other institutions.

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